Wednesday, December 22, 2010

We've been sitting in this coffee shop in the little town of Lawas for the past 6 hours. We're waiting for Langkau's counsin and wife to arrive at 230 from Miri. We're delayed by a day as the MAS rural air service cancelled our flight yesterday due to a plane being hauled up for repairs. Langkau managed to sweet talk a hassled sales clerk to get the 4 of us on 2 seperate flights to Lawas.

Once the cousins land we're hopping on a 4 wheel drive that will take us on a logging trail to the village of Ba Kalalan further into the interior of Sarawak and close to the border of IIndonesia. Then we start our trek to the valley of Bario.

The hours hv passed relatively easily. Small town coffee shop, its windy and cooling here. Trutrucks and 4wd come and go taking folks into the villages. Its busy here in Sarawak. The Kelabits, Bidayuhs, Ibans and their cousins are all flocking back for this little town, where the airstrip is in the town itself is as close to KL as Manado or Makassar.even the Chinese here speak Lumbawang a local dialect. Its a transit town for folk from the interiors to push off to Sabah, south and via plane to the other towns in Sarawak.

Maaan, this breeze is lovely, the leaves of the trees beside this shop are dancing and early holiday jig. Think I will order up another teh tarik.


ah lim said...

those fokker 50s still flying ar? and how did you get internet connection in a small coffee shop in the little town of Lawas?

Chindiana said...

Its tha Twin Otters. Internet tru my BB maxis data plan! Hv mobile network hv time to blog!