Sunday, December 19, 2010

Two Days to Go - Chindiana Trails : The Raiders of the Fresh Langkau

The flight to Miri is in two days. We start the hike from Lawas to Bario on the 23rd. I have:

1. No fitness

2. A heavy pack weighed down by 4 sets of clothing (i will be away for 9 days so am carrying washing powder with me. Home there are some sunny days in Bario when i get there.)

3. My pack will be further made rock heavy with my first DSLR camera, my trusty point and shoot, Pedro, chargers for my Blackberry and the Nikon, a torch light, eating utensils, sleeping bag, notebook, a Kurt Vonnegut paperback, my Swiss Army knife, muesli, water bladder, spare sandals, my empty camel back which i used on the flight to carry my cameras and my spare underwear (it will not be easy double turning out underwear in humid weather), and also as we will not be staying in many hotels along the way - towel, soap and the rest of the toiletaries.

Have I left anything out?

I can only think of carrying less weight if i just drop the clothes and let 'Lil Chindy hang loose on the hike. At least we'll scare some monkeys along the way....

We'll I'm off to get a some supplies and head of for a meeting.

AND not to worry folks, even though I will be away I've put some random posts on auto post for the next week or so to keep the millions and millions of you crazy kids entertained.

All 15 of you.


J said...

Erm. I think it's better you keep lil Chindy safely covered... for everyone's sake.


Chindiana said...

Aiya.... OK la J. Don't wanna spoil anyone's christmas!