Thursday, November 4, 2010

Random Acceptance of Fate

I must accept that my values are outdated and hardly means anything these days. "Work hard and you will become rich, play the fool and you will end up working as a road sweeper for the rest of you life" was something everyone in the hazy mists of my childhood would preach. These days it is the ones who flit among the shadows, those who play the games of bribes, kickbacks, converse in the double speak of forked tongues and indulge in rampant testicle massaging that get ahead. This is just a fact based on what I've seen the past two years. I dont salute these snakes but give them credit for being able to cock suck with aplomb. I guess the long term promise of financial gain is a calming balm to the ego. I will accept that i am not made to be in the position that I am. I am waaaay to tired of the bullshit that prevails around the halls of corporate kingdoms. I do not have the patience for this game. Am doing the math. I have very simple tastes. I can live for 3 years without a job. After that I will be too old to even sell my arse to a prison inmate's bitch, which means I need to invest in something that will fill my belly for the next 30 years.

Age. Maaan, you're one quite little ambush bug aren't you? With age supposedly comes greater wisdom (bullshit) but also opens up the fragility of one's health. Today I sit here, the second day with my right ear clogged up, a sign of a bad flu bug. A symptom that I have never encountered. I used to recover faster from injuries, fevers and hangovers. Its not the same now. I am Wolverine no more.....

I still want to walk this earth, cover every continent under my boots, smell every sort of morning sunshine under every sea, mountain and plains. My knees and back though want to spend more time in a Thai spa being given 'double mouth service' by willing Homonubilious. Can these old boys still take me up 15, 16, 17,000 feet without a need for drama?

Random this is. Happy Diwali I wish you for tomorrow my fellow Machas and Meenas.


BellaButterNuts said...

i read somewhere that after a storm (somehow), a rainbow the end of a rainbow there's a pot of gold. and if the pot is not there, you can always whack the leprechaun taking care of it to lepas gerams.

feel better soon k.

Chindiana said...

in reality when i get to that end of that rainbow, some government agency got that leprechaun to sign some 100 year concession to someone's uncle's second cousin's nephew. OR i would find a 100 story building.

BellaButterNuts said... just killed the la..

nevermind, sewa one lot in that 100 story building & open a leprechaun brothel.

Nex said...

You are caught in the Matrix.

Take the blue pill, or the red; The choice is yours.

I took the blue pill.

Chindiana said...

is there a jamaican colored pill?