Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Pics from the BB

Random pics I took with the BB camera. Thought I'd share it with you guys. Yes, I am bored in the office and the coffee is not working.

Sunset over Petaling Jaya. Sunset make me think of holidays by the beach as waves crash onto a white beach and the foam tickles my toes and a nubile nymph straddles me whispering soft songs of desires into my ear.

Pasar Ramadhan, Taman Tun, PJ. I tell you man, pity its only over a month during the year. Anything else and KL-ites would be a bunch of fat frakkers.

Sunset along the Federal highway during peak after office traffic jam.
Good things to be seen at 2mph.

I cant' really remember this although it looks like the ceiling of the
departure lounge of Sokaerno Hatta Airport in Indonesia. I must have been VERY bored..

An aerial highway snarl of phone and electrical lines in Angeles city
near Clark Field airport in the Philippines.

Old school ice suppliers in the Seremban wet market. Half a block of ice goes for about RM6. They supply the ice shavings to fish vendors, and ice blocks to some older restaurants and families having open house gatherings during festive seasons.

A lake side sunset in the heart of Petaling Jaya. Whoda thunk it?
Pic taken at the Kelana Jaya lake just outside the host of girlie bars.
I was um.. on a way to a meeting when I saw this scene.

Now thats a shiny floor! And some pictures that a drunk monkey threw
some paint at. To be found at the Hyatt Jakarta.

Customer service at G2 club at the Gardens. Dont know how a pissed drunk moron is ever going to pick out this sink thru the booze haze in a crowded toilet.

I end this with another sunset. This is what i love about November. The rains and cool weather gives us some spectacular evenings. The best holiday time ever! Come, get away from those lap tops people. Lets just head out to the hills and drink good cheap coffee and binge on home cooked kampong grub, lie by a beach and sleep the day away. Let us be bums, hippies, surfers, jamaicans and that officer who handles the passport renewals at the Immigration Dept. Let us be and feel FREE. November DEMANDS IT!

OKOK, I'll chill.

Majukanlah Sunsets Untuk Negara...


Anonymous said...

Hey, I thought the staircase shot is the best. Awesome, living out the inner artist in you ey?

On the contrary, I have always believed that passport renewal at imm. dept is the fastest department ever. I had mine renewed, done n collected in 2 hours after measuring heights n all.

Chindiana said...

Staircase? which one la? haha

Well considering the last time i renewed my passport was almost 5 years ago, your latest experience is good news! at least some things have changed for the better Acid!

J said...

Nice sunsets! So deep too - is it to signify that the year is coming to an end? :)

Chindiana said...

Heyo J! din think anything deep, was just bored! haha! but yes year end coming and dont we all look forward to some new hope in the horizon?