Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Birthday Cake

You can tell you have friends who really think you're a manly man when they turn up with this little lady. You shoulda seen where we put the candles. I got to admit it was kinda cute. Thanks to the Princess for the overdose of cuteness!


J said...

Awwww. Don't you feel loved? :)
(Such a cute cake!)\

Happy birthday, Chindi!
(Bila free pergi minum lagi? IOU a birthday beer!)

Ashley Liew said...

I think it fits your image perfectly :)

ghoul said...

Many happy return of the day!

Age is just a number,
Don't you stop having fun,
This is your day, your day....
Happy Birthday,
To you
To you

word verification: deregro

Chindiana said...

Thanks J! yes cute cake. The Princess bought it in a shop in Empire Mall in Subang. Eh next week la minums. This week on the road again.

Why thank you Ms Liew, it warms my heart to know you think I am cute and sweet.... wahahahah!

Um.. thanks Ghoul - I've never been serenaded by a dude before....

Jun-E said...

Happy birthday!! =))

Chindiana said...

Thanks Jun-E!!! :D