Saturday, October 30, 2010

grumpy and groggy in the AM

No one should be taking a 7am flight. Without breakfas and with 3 hours sleep. I am breathing grumpy out of my ass right now.

Boarding call. Yay....

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Kinabalu Climbathon 2010

I just thought I'd share these pictures from National Geographic photographer (and my partner in crime for the Tasik Bera assignment) Rabani HM Ayub with you guys. Also to the many of us who have scaled this 13,000ft plus granite monster would appreciate the shots.

These pictures were taken at the annual Kinabalu Climbathon, held every October in Sabah. These super athletes from all over the world race up and down the mountain in about 90 minutes where we mere mortals who have poisoned our body with too much mutton curry, nasi lemak, butter prawns, whisky, happy hour beers, rum, tequila, vodka shots and absinthe would barely make it to the peak in 11 hours.

I believe this is the path to the peak after Laban Rata. I thought it would be cool to show you guys these pictures as we are normally cloaked in darkness during the ascent.

I think this is near the Sayat Sayat Hut. I love the trail marked in the granite by the thousands of booted feet of climbers that have ascended Kinabalu Mountain. See the wee 'lil folk in the background?

...and now, clear pictures of what I personally call the Wall of Death. This is the one we climb in darkness and then piss our pants when we descend after sunrise.

Didn't look like this at 4am in the morning did it?

This is the view from the top when you first grab the rope to climb down. Don't you hate it when you can't see the bottom?

I recommend clicking on the pictures to enjoy the full glory of the mountain.

I spoke to Rabani and he is cool with me to show you folks some of his other works. I'll post it up maybe in a week or two as I hit the road again to Manila this week. But in the mean time you can check him out at Facebook. Request an add and the friendly Rabani will add you on. Just look for Rabani HM Ayub on FB.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Its the Morning...

... and I am sitting here on my balcony tapping on my laptop. Its windy and slightly chilly. The wind is dancing with the leaves of the trees outside. It's one of those mornings where even with work, things look hopeful. I have 3 meetings today where I seek to pry money from people's guarded budgets. Today I will put my tin cup in hand and go to meet one CEO, one chairman and a marketing director of a regional bank. I have been told to offset my constipated look I should wear something pink. Maybe with cute cuff links. Nice, the wind just picked up. I am now in Bali eating crispy duck in an ocean of a green rice field, in Laos crossing mountains framed by a brilliant blue sky, I am on a volcano as the sun rises in the east, its golden rays bouncing off the early morning mist that cover the lake below. I am now looking at a lush Himalayan valley below as a clear blue river cuts across a pasture in the evening light. Children play football among grazing horses as further away a 200 meter waterfall streams into a small pond fronted by a small Buddhist stuppa. I am on a beach, Bob Marley waits in vain in my headphones, coconut trees rustle above as waves crash against the white sandy beach in front of me. I am back to reality. Leaves still rustle above me. The wind still caresses my face. I need to pick a shirt. A pink one as I have been told. Maybe today I'll wear a smile too.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

I had this weirdest dream......

I just woke up from a fuzzy ass dream. I remember that me and some clowns were on some tarpaulin/canvas tent built on pieces of log or metal on some high mountain cliff over looking a green lush valley below. There were mountains on one side and a river running through it. It was either a sun set or sun rise but it felt in the AM. I was trying to take a picture but was hanging on to one hand onto a slim cloth that was hardly stable with the strong wind.

It was taking a fucking long time to get that shot. Plus being so high up i was experiencing what in some scientific terms in Seremban is called The Shrinking of The Balls Syndrome. Imagine that. I even share my dream state experiences with my testes. I wonder if I can put that on my resume...

All I remember just before I woke up was someone saying to me, "if you were a zombie, you would smell of porridge."


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Social Media Big Brother?

Hold on! waitaminit.....

I am a technological Neanderthal so I need some help on this.

This morning, while I was doing my normal morning thinking session sitting on the Throne of Chindiana this disturbing thought slipped into my pre-dawn mental contemplation of life, somewhere between seeing Lindsay Lohan's bobos in Machete and how do I keep myself occupied for a whole day in Brunei which has that alcohol ban still in place.

Here we go.

My Blackberry calendar is linked to my Facebook, Yahoo and office accounts. It detects my calendar appointments and annoys me with reminders when I am on the move.

CAN the flow of information work the other way around? Can my phone calls to umm... how do I say, certain 1-800 numbers or um... the Pink Lady Lounge (who may have a FB site with their contact details) be sent BACK to my FB page with hints that might appear in notices that tempt me to 'like' the Pink Lady Lounge or that Japanese Twin Body Oil Massage 24 hour Service FB pages?

Can this happen?

Educate me people. Save me from the a life of technological ignorance!!!!


kowmeng aaahhhh........

Monday, October 11, 2010

I'm The Only Malaysian With A Watch

The National Geographic Society should get me categorized as an endangered species - The last Malaysian with a working watch.

Why is it that I am the only one who seems to be able to keep to an appointment. EVEN if it means me flying back across an ocean and 2 countries I am normally earlier that some who live within minutes of the meeting point for dinner?

I assume it was the day that watches became fashion accessories more than TIME KEEPING apparatuses.

Some excuses I get for being late:

1. The evergreen "I'm on the way, on the way boss!" when actually they are still at home scratching their balls watching MU vs Chelsea on the telly.

2. "yeah I'll be there later, i am going to eat first" WHAT YOU COULDN'T EAT AHEAD OF TIME???? - fucking malaysians, always thinking with their stomachs even if it means making others wait around a lonely corner on a dodgy street surrounded by pseudo transvestites.

3. Silence. They dont call, they dont write..... Just silence. And what you get after you ring up looking for them is a breezy "yeah sorry bro, i had to pick up the little woman" or the OTHER evergreen "i had last minute dinner with my family".

That thing in your pocket that occasionally buzzes against your balls? That thing is a MOBILE TELEPHONY DEVICE. You can speak to other human beings with them. You DIAL their number that is STORED in that device. You will hear a buzzing sound or something called a Lady Gaga or a techno remix version of 'Lemon Tree' and then the voice of your friend will answer. USE THAT THING TO INFORM ALL THAT YOU CANNOT MAKE THAT APPOINTMENT. Even monkeys know how to use a phone. What are you? Ringworm?

4. Signs that the endurance of the human species is being eroded by fast food diets and a overindulgent Playstation/Xbox lifestyle - "sorry I was too tired".


Too tired? For dinner? You got a porridge drip at home?

I will however accept 'too tired' if its from too much sex.

In a jacuzzi.

With Japanese twins.

5. The SUPPOSED get out of jail card that Malaysians think they can get away with - "chill la bro, in MALAYSIAN time I am STILL on time!"


So come on people. Give me money. I'll take it and you can exhibit me as the last of a time keeping species.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Trailer for Sucker Punch

Mech suits, dragons, giant samurais, nazis, cabarets, hot women wielding swords and guns, World War One bi planes..... Sure it MIGHT suck. But coupled with a few beers I wont be too worried about the state of local politics, at least for 90 minutes next March.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What I Do In Between Grumbling...

I've dropped one project to concentrate on this. This is what keeps me living in a cramped airplane seat, at the back of cabs and once in a while in busy boardrooms with a cup in my hand looking for sponsorship. I'll be getting less money now but this is something I believe in so I'll take that hit for a little while.

Which means less beer and less trips to Toys 'r Us and less holidays and less time to take hot nubile impressionable women out on dates.




WTF am I doing??????

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Birthday Cake

You can tell you have friends who really think you're a manly man when they turn up with this little lady. You shoulda seen where we put the candles. I got to admit it was kinda cute. Thanks to the Princess for the overdose of cuteness!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Sneaks in Book Shelves

Kudos to the publisher for this sneaky attempt to introduce classic literature to the Justin Bieber generation.