Thursday, September 30, 2010

My Birthday Present Suggestions

So next week I add another year to a tally that is actually pointless. I will be 32 for life (physically) and mentally 12 (for real). Doesn't really matter what the official number says.

Since I am getting scores of requests to what I need as mementos to remember you beautiful people out there I thought I'd make it easy and just put together this little list of goodies that I would appreciate:

1. Warren Ellis' Transmetropolitan comic trade paperbacks numbers 8-11.

2. Water proof hiking gloves that dont look like Ronald McDonald throwoffs.

3. A Nike Air Jordan 6 (size US 9 - the black colored version) as I never could afford them and still can't rustle up enough Ringos to buy a pair. Damn you elitist Airholes!

4. A Master replica Obi Wan Kenobi 1:1 scale light saber (from A New Hope) or the Skywalker version from Return of The Jedi because sometimes on dark lonely nights when I sit alone on the sofa channelling my inner Jedi trying to Force choke that lizard on the ceiling that's keeping me awake.

5. Shirts I dont have to iron when I wake up late for work hung over like a sick rat. Those Nike Dri Fit stuff also work but dont get me those in gay colors or the ones with slim fit as I do have a gut ay and dont like ironing clothes in the morning when I am drunk. So yeah, Iron free shirts.

6. G2000 work pants since I just realized my pants which used to be black are now gray and it's not cool trying to pick up taller women in pants which seemed to be tie dyed. Size 30. Not too tight though, I have an Indian ass and my balls need to breath.

7. Gift vouchers from Borders so that I can buy books that I can't find in Book Excess in Amcorp Mall. And also because I refuse to use my own money to buy FHM's sexiest women of the world issue.

8. Buy my toys and give them back to me as a present - best gift ever you help me enjoy action figures that I like while making me money and also earning my eternal gratitude. Good no?

9. Waterproof hiking jacket - my trusty ACG is ten years old and has indicated that he's NOT going to be aging gracefully.

10. A mountain bike which doesn't weigh a ton and a half. Extra bonus points if you can throw in a matching helmet.

See? All within reasonable means. If you're not sure where to get some of these call me and I can direct you straight to the store front. I might even drive you there!

See you next week folks! I hearts y'all!


BellaButterNuts said...


demanding about being humble (slash) modest.

*rolling eyes.

freshsourmilk said...

someone once said to me "I can see that being humble is not one of your traits"

second bella to that.

Chindiana said...

Bella and Acid! You two HOT, SEXY Satria Neo driving bundles of babeliciousness!!!!!!!! Wooooooooo!!!!!

Once a year at least one MUST embrace one's inner coolness. Fairplay no?

Nex said...

Hey Happy B'day in advance dude, coz I KNOW I'll forget to wish you on the day.

Can't afford any of the things in your list(except maybe buying one of your 3 3/4 inch figure and giving it back to you, which I'm sure you'd just chuck aside anyway), so I'll give you an IOU for a burger at 2nd beach when you come down here. Howzdat? :D

ghoul said...

Hear, hear... Happy (be-early) Birthday!!!

Maybe i'll just stick to buying you a beer instead :P

word verification: suplae

Chindiana said...

Heya Ghouly and Nex! thanks guys!