Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Gen X v Gen Y

I have resigned myself that I am stuck in this state of perpetual cynicism and now rarely hold back with thoughts that sometimes should be shelved in the recesses of my vulgar opinionated mind.

I was making small talk with a 25 year old I hardly know when he asked what I thought of Generation Y who seemed to be unsure of what they really wanted or seemed to change jobs often looking for that gleaming pearl of a vocation that would ultimately satisfy their mystery hunger that resided in their well fed gut.

My response as a mature adult to this young idealistic man?

"Generation Y? What's that? Around 33 ish and below?

"It's 35 and below to be exact sir."

"They're fucking soft. A lot of dreams, no real fire."

This startled him but surprisingly he looked at me curiously and asked me what made me say that.

"Let me guess - you studied abroad?"

Again a startled look and he now looks at me as if I am a mixture of Michael Jordan and Yoda's left butt cheek.

"How do you know???"

"It shows dude. Dont worry, its not you. Some friends of mine had this little talk and we've come to the conclusion that a lot of guys at least under 33 are insecure and mostly a bunch of mama's boys. It's not your fault. Its just the times. Women are getting more macho than you. Your parents worked decently and they provided everything for you. You can make mistakes and you know at the back of your mind you will have some fall back plan. Thats what probably triggers the reason to job hop in search of what you think is the perfect job. You've travelled abroad so you know there are endless opportunities but you're just not sure which one of it is yours. I come from a small town. We can't even get into universities if we're not Malay (well if you're not the top 30% smartest Chinese or the top 13% Indian of all applicants to the 5 national Us in the country then). We just get working so we have money. Times were different then, the only TV we had was showing government programming, Sesame Street and Happy Days. We didn't think about being celebrity chefs or pilots or travel writers. We just took whatever we could get and tried being good at it."

He kept quiet but nodded his head a little. I dont think it was at my mama's boy reference ( i REALLY need to learn to watch my tongue). "Yeah, you're right in a way..." he said softly.

"So you let me know if you're keen on the job." I shake his hand and leave him to his thoughts.

He seems OK. This impromptu round of grilling showed he was not affected by extreme grumpiness AND he genuinely seemed keen to join our little outfit. We'll see.

He just called. He wants to start this Friday.


Ashley Liew said...

Go Chindiana. That's the spirit. Kick 'em in the balls and jolt them awake. Youngsters today are too effin' spoilt that they unknowingly give me a bad rep. When I was at my ex job I told people I was there for more than 2 years and they looked at me as if I was ancient. So diu lor

Cynth said...

The recent lady whom I interviewed for the job of designer exclaimed 'Mestilah nak kahwin! Mana boleh tak kahwin' when I ask her what's her next 5 years plan....

ghoul said...

Ouch... mummy's boy.

I semi-admit to that lar. It's hard to say "No" when the Empress Dowager "requests" something. Haha. Until the Queen puts her foot down, of course.

I also agree that the modern women are more independent (YAY!) while the boys are getting, quote chindy, softer. Pampered from young, mind you, while the girls are the ones doing all the tough stuff around and out of the house.

But the good news is... Mother Nature is rumoured to be phasing out the Y gene in the future generations.

word verification: friti

Chindiana said...

wah Ash, that bad? doesn't help that you're prob smarter than most at work too...

Cynth! well at least you know what is that woman's MAIN priority in your company - find a husband at work!

Ghoul! haha glad I'm not the only one sharing these views. Of course not ALL Gen Y-ers are like this la but the majority seems to be heading down that path. And I did not get the memo on the phasing out of any genes. You been reading too many comics?

ahchan said...

hmmppphhh... you wait la till you come see for yourself some of these NEETS(Not in Employment, Eduation nor Training) benefit scrounging youngsters sit in their tracksuits all day playing PS3 and REFUSING to work even though the jobs were plonked onto their fat useless laps.
Summore can blame unemployment on foreign workers who are willing to work hard for less pay.
some young girls gt pregnant in their teens, get child benefits, housing benefits, get pregnant again and again, and don't /want have to work because they are getting paid to be a baby-making machine. Some even say the money they get are not enough. THE CHEEK !
These babies very likely grow up to repeat the cycle...
Gen Y? I say Generation eFFed.

Chindiana said...

Haha! Think you've just discovered a lost generation Ah Chan! Damn, the Brits really jaga the tak boleh pakai folks real well...

LCB said...

im 31...

Chindiana said...

LCB! 31 but stll grew up in kampung so thats a plus point! there are exceptions to the case of course la or else there wont be anymore heterosexual relationships in KL!

plain jane said...

Spot on, Yoda's left butt cheek. At least you gave it to him gentle and said 'mama's boy' instead of sissy pussy or something like that. To quote my daughter 'it's not my fault that i have balls unlike some guys...' sighhh, where does she pick these bad habits from??

Chindiana said...

um, how old is your daughter Jane?

Now we know your language at home! hahaha!

Peace :D