Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The World Is Fucked Live Like Its 1999 or whatever...

The signs are just all over the place, why even bother about planning for the future of children or with kids?

Where shall we start that will show there is just no turning back the clock on a down hill ride from here to the next big war, earthquake, famine, super virus, random mutations and meat eating potatoes?

Here's a random list of 'We're royally fucked':

- The degeneration of the human mind into flock mentality
- Justin Bieber ruling the charts,
- Katy Perry is now Maxim's sexiest woman,
- women are only turned on by gay boys who shine like diamonds in the sunlight or man meat testosterone Spartans or were wolves

- Global warming - say goodbye to many Caribbean islands and Singapore, erratic weather patterns resulting in low spinach harvests, draught, etc.

- unstable tectonic plates and earth's core resulting in more violent earth quakes and tsunamis. C'mon for the first time ever Malaysia gets him might minor tremors from earthquakes in Indonesia...

- deadly flash floods - almost zero environmental consultations done in developing and third world countries

- billions of dollars from a nations purses paying for graft which is also the main cause of environmental and social disorder in most countries

- global religious fanaticism fueled by politicians and governments

- lack of a strong basic education system in most developing nations.

- policies in countries approved by POLITICIANS NOT experts in their field eg economists, educationists, etc

- foreign policy larger nations on exerting dominance and less of understanding and respecting cultures.

- The formation of Lady Gaga fan clubs....

The lists go on anyway. I do not see governments getting better or improving from graft. We don't have a good education system, with many politicians coming from this same system. A system that results in Parliament meetings ending up like Springer reject shows. Government policies for development are framed around 5 year election periods so the long term future of this nations is really on no one's mind. Except you and I and that DVD pirate now the road. (yes, crime has long term plans)

We are staring at a future of corruption, earthquakes, famine, random terrorists attacks, mutant wild life, pollution and depleting food and especially water sources. Of course there are fighters, the idealists and the warriors of virtue out there who are fighting a good fight. They will make a difference of course. But it is only temporarily stemming the shit flood that will hit our species in time.

THIS my dear friends is as good as it gets. Let's not plan on futures with kids if you're unmarried. Why put those poor buggers through this?

I mean going home for Raya, CNY, Deepavali or Christmas would probably mean hiking from KL to Batang Berjuntai armed with bows, arrows and spears, while feeding on home made bread while wearing gas masks. Petrol will probably costs your left testicle for a gallon and the only fresh water you're going to drink will be recycled from your pee.

This is the best time ever! Enjoy it! Live la vida loca! Go out with a bang! Cos it ain't gonna get better than this.


J said...

I yam oso having bad day. When is Vodka time?

ah lim said...

"First we must change ourselves then only can we change the world" -Author Unknown

Should try Russian Vodka... its da best! Pure alcohol!

Chindiana said...

Aiyo J! too late, i stated on monday night already! :P

Ah Lim! the Russian vodka peddler! haha! eh when is the next stock arriving?

freshsourmilk said...

I don't think we go down that easy. Apocalypse doesn't mean *poof* the world is gone the next day. It just means an end to civilization and we become hunters again, not even dignified food gatherers. Karma makes sure we do our times for the trees we've cut.
Anyway, I'm not all that fretted up on Justin Bieber shit. We survived Britney Spears and William Hung.
This too shall pass. I'm with you in spirits.

cue theme song... "captain planet, he's our hero..."

Chindiana said...

The Acid in the house yo! captain planet eh? you like those mullet headed heroes i see... :P