Monday, August 30, 2010

This place is going to the dogs

There has been a spate of robberies back in my neighborhood. While we work in KL, the older folk have stayed back in Seremban. Break ins have been rampant in my part of that sleepy hollow down south.

Remember that post about the junkie who tried to snatch a gold chain from an Indian dude? Well this time he came back or someone like him who was high. This time it was my mum who was walking back from the temple. He went for her gold bracelet (something we've told her to never where when walking home alone but you know how it goes with the old folks...) and she put up a fight. He slashed her arm and severed a main artery and a tendon.

She's got out of surgery last night. She's stable now and should be OK. I've been away the last few days and only found out Saturday but could not really do anything a thousand miles away.

Anyway, the situation is just this:

Why are neighborhoods in the suburbs of PJ and KL already hiring private security and turning neighborhoods into bloody forts? Why the rampant proliferation of goons and thugs in the neighborhoods.

Where are our cops?

If you guys remembered the last break in at my Seremban home again. With the robbers outside my sisters door and after she made her 999 call, they turn up 40 minutes later. The official reaction time is supposed to be 15 minutes. Did i metiont that the first 10 minutes was to get her transferred to the right branch?

With the robbers attacking houses DAILY the cops could not do anything. In the end the neighbors had to pool their money and hire private security and start installing burglar alarms.

Back to the slashing.

My mum was taken to the Seremban General Hospital. As an ex public servant she gets free medical.


Only after an uncle suspected something was wrong with the huge amount of blood loss we had a relative call up the hospital to get something done. Only on the second inspection by the head of department did they realize she had key arteries severed.

IF we did not know anyone in there, she would have gone home.

This is the state of this country. There are many stories in Seremban of folks going into minor operations and dying of complications.

The response I got about taking this to the papers or suing the hospital was met with " they're government hospital. It wont make a difference. The hospital sees hundreds sometimes a thousand people walk through there."

And you know what? I have to agree. The apathy of folks in the government machinery to improve the most basic of services, safety and health is and will continue to go unchecked. It's only the old folks and the poor who walk through those doors anyway. (my mum refuses private clinics).

When those given the tasks to nurse the sick and protect the weak start to act like they are on vacation, we can only wonder how far off we are from ball sucking anarchy.

This emo rant brought to you by a lack of a proper lunch and a 3 keropok breakfast.


J said...

Chindi! Go get a good, fulfilling meal now.... It won't solve all the problems... but at least you'll feel better (and not get gastric!).

(Hope your mum feels better soon. If you can, go buy some of that chinese concentrated fish stock in a bottle thingy thats supposed to help speed up/boost recovery....)

Cynth said...

selamat hari merdeka

ghoul said...

Aww Chindy.

Send regards to your mum and hope she gets well soonest.

Yeah, those concentrated fish stock (Brand's?) is good :) actually, chicken for now, i think, as fish may not be as good after a surgery.

word verification: sultious

Chindiana said...

Thanks guys! she's out of surgery and being discharged today. She can use one of her fingers at the moment. Hope physiotherapy will sort that out.

Brands eh? tough call as my mum's vegetarian (to atone for all her son's sins!)

Happy Merdeka eh Cyn? Malaysia selalu boleh....

ah lim said...

Hey hope your mom's ok. If the doctor did his job your mom's finger should be fine after physiotherapy. What she needs now is love and support.

about this place going to the dogs, only thing i can think of is "Who let the dogs out?"

Chindiana said...

Ah Lim! The voting public?

Nex said...
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Nex said...

All of you move here lah, and leave Semenanjung to the dogs...

Chindiana said...

sounds tempting Nex!!!

Stella said...

OMG your poor mum! Hope Mama Chindy gets well soon ya.

Government hospitals memang damn bodoh wan, my hubby cut his achilles while surfing and the hospital just stitched it up thinking it was a surface wound, had to go check at a private hospital 2 months later cos it wouldn't heal right then they found out what happened. And this was is Australia.

Chindiana said...

So what happened? hope not serious wei Stel.

wa if in Oz this can happen we all fucked. either that or get rich fast so we can all afford Subang Medical Center.

Mama Chindy is OK. one finger cant move but hopefully physiotherapy will help. She's back to normal at home waiting for her prince to come back so she can spoil some more! :)