Thursday, August 19, 2010

Synchronized Dream State

I always thought I was a bearable boss, a somewhat grumpy mother fuker BUT who TRIES to refrain from making a workplace a hell hole.

Unfortunately this does not seem so. On Tuesday morning at 5am to be exact, two of my staff had the same dream, at the same time about me. Apparently I was throwing at bitch fit at them and many other things that they would not mention (probably throwing hand phones, books, etc. I sure hope i was not pile driving anyone in those dreams).

I guess i have some damage control to do. My staff are uber cool. They give me their all and I will do the same for them. I shouldn't be keeping them awake through bad dreams. I'm not Freddy Kruger.

At that very same moment it was 4am in Bangkok and I was out with a business partner and wishing I was on a beach in Bali and far, far away from this life. My alcohol quota had way been exceeded two hour earlier and all the beautiful women in Bangkok were just not enough for me to have happy thoughts. That and that I had to be at the airport in a coupla hours.

In Hindu terms, bad dreams actually mean a positive. I have no idea how this works as I am a lousy practitioner of the religion, with more an affinity to the Jedi religion.

Back to that point - i scare/worry my staff enough that they share their dreams (make that night mares) about me. AT THE SAME TIME.

Is that cool or what? I doubt anyone in the world can make two people dream the same dream at the same time. Not even Robert Pattinson. I think I'll put that on my resume.


J said...

Wah lau. What is this? Cross border Inception?

C. Andres Alderete said...

What a tyrant. Also, since you mentioned the Jedi, I'm reading Dune right now. I finally see a direct influence on not only George Lucas but a whole lot of modern pop culture. Sorry for the subject change.

Chindiana said...

J! hmmm... very contemporary relevance. does that make me unintentionally cool? (whahaha!)

Carlos! you're back and safe! I've forgotten so much of Dune as I read it way back when I was a wee lil Chindian many many many years back. I only have a disturbing image of Sting in a knife fight wearing distrubing looking briefs (from the movie in the 80s i thnk)

LCB said...

Inception.... Definitely inception ;p

Chindiana said...

damn, i got to watch that show before it gets off the big screen...