Friday, August 27, 2010

The Day I Drank Coffee That Came Out Of A Mammal's Arse

Kopi Luwak. Remember it. That's coffee beans that have been shat out a civet cat's digestive system, cleansed and roasted to make supposedly the most expensive coffee in the world.

I had to give it a try of course. I mean its the most expensive coffee in the world, supposedly a favorite beverage of the President Obama's White House, supposedly the most aromatic coffee in the world.

So I hit a high end restaurant in Jakarta and order up some Kopi Luwak with friend goreng pisang with ice cream ( :D). The preparation is overly fancy with the coffee powder inserted atop the pot, where the hot water rises, imerses the coffee bean and when it cools slightly it drips back into the glass pot.

I have to admit for something that came out of a jungle pussy's ass, this coffee was anti-climactic. The so called aroma that would make an viagra-less old man blow his load was really just pleasant. The coffee was sorta lacking in taste - it was smooth with non of the bitter after taste that you get from your regular cuppa Joe. I was with an Indonesian friend who has been there before so I doubt we were taken for a ride. Maybe it was some weak coffee bean that the cat ate, maybe that old civet was busy watching a Twilight marathon and just didn't have time to shit out a full load, may the digestive system of that darn cat absorbed all the good stuff, but that coffee on that day tasted no better than diluted Nescafe.

I will of course go back again. But thinking about the price does make one think twice. We paid about RP89,000, that's slightly less than USD10 or about maybe RM25-27. Thats almost a jug of beer. With peanuts.

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Its clear and looks like the plain jane.

Here you go for more on Kopi Luwak .


Josie said...

ditto. didn't like it too.

ahchan said...

question: how the fook did it get discovered in the first place? someone must've been picking shit up and brewing it???

my dog loves carrots... it's poop makes great scouse.

ah lim said...

you should watch The Bucket List starring Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson... the coffee you just mentioned was also in the movie.

Chindiana said...

Josie! Glad I'm not the only one feels that way!

Ah Chan! Whatever comes out your dogs bum, I don't think any human can survive ! :P

Ah lim! U mean this crap is famous????

Ms Me said...

I'm not sure that the regular coffee straight off the bean is so bad that we have to resort for the out-of-the-ass version! I hated it too...someone brought it back from vietnam i think. Same cat different shit. :P

Chindiana said...

Ms Me! you mean different cat same shit. :P

I like your Mr Me reference re your langkawi trip. cute.

C. Andres Alderete said...

Coffee beans that have pinched out of a cat's ass had better taste like heaven, especially if it costs 10 bucks to try. Interesting though. I'd have mixed feelings about tasting it not 'cause I'm opposed to cat intestines, but because I'd feel like I was the butt of a laughable trend. Like platform shoes or hairband fros.

Chindiana said...

Heya Carlos, at least the platforms gave one a new perspective of life :P this here coffee was more of a cop out feel. anyway, just since I'm bored I am going to claim in under company entertainment expenses. I mean how often can you put down cat poo as official business?

J said...

EEYER. Love coffee but I dont think I could ever get myself to try this.

(First of all so expensive, and it's been shat out of a cat!)

Chindiana said...

Ala J, you food reviewer ma, you must try all delicacies. Come i buy you a pack next time I'm in Jkt. You bring a bottle of Johnny and we exchange!

J said...

I ain't trading a good bottle of whiskey for (what is effectively) cat droppings! :P

(And just because I like food doesn't mean that I have to "challenge" that Bizarre Foods fella, Andrew Zimmern!)