Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Jakarta Ramblings

Just got back yesterday from a coupla days in Jakarta, just some random thoughts:

1. Indonesian women are the sexiest in the region. Maybe its that playful sing song tone tone in their voice, maybe it's those gorgeous Dutch/Chinese/Indonesian blood, maybe it's in their walk or attitude but they be hawt!

Roll call for the rest of South East Asia:

2. Thailand - consistently beautiful

3. Philippines - Enchanting

4. Malaysians - confused between being themselves and being Singaporean ie a cute mix of metropolitan chic and old school charm

5. Singaporean - manufactured chic

Jakarta has awesome food - seafood and the abundance of great indonesian varieties from all over the 1,000 islands.

It has great places to dine - sea front, chic clubs and bars, cosy local corners etc.

The traffic snarls will still suck the sweat off a dead man's balls.

But did I mention the women are hawt?


J said...

Malaysian girls are only no. 4?? I hate u!
(Secretly I agree though. lol)

Chindiana said...

Well in a way cos we have variety but no consistency - PLUS the top 3 has VOLUME so we see more on the streets.

jangan marah ye, just a personal observation.

ghoul said...

Yes, Indonesian girls are definitely hottttt :P :P :P

Btw, Chindy, am going to Bali (finally) end of Sept.

wanna recommend places to go/things to do? Thanks bunch :P

Buy you yet another keychain from there, k k?

word verification: cenfi

Chindiana said...

Ghoul! what you wanna do? minum? partay? back to nature? hike?


Lemme know how long and where you staying then i give you some ideas.!

ANOTHER keychain? first one pun takde!

ghoul said...

Heya :)

Just going off for a 4D3N holiday with the lady. No partying and drinking, unfortunately... and i doubt i am fit enough to climb mountains at the moment, haha. So probably just the normal touristy stuff ... like places to see, women to talk to (only me)... probably things to eat/try out? :)

Maybe a walk by the beach under the stars .... *grins*

And we have booked a place at Hard Rock Cafe (she wants to get that Hard Rock t-shirt) :P

thanks, chindy!

word verification: symeno

Chindiana said...

Ghoul! I emailed you already!

But in summary

sunset drinks - ROck Bar and Klapa

day trip - coffee at volcano and lake view at kintamani, bebek begil crispy duck lunch and spa at ubud.

romantic dinner at Kudeta seminyak.

shopping for the woman - ask some locals for directions to some factory outlets for ladies stuff in town.