Friday, August 13, 2010

Expendables - Just a couple of good old boys...

Watching the Expendables is like playing with all your best boy toys on a Saturday morning (like Bella mentioned). It's just FUN. The story is there just for Stallone and gang to ham it up for the cameras, the comic book violence is there to deliver on a promise of macho-ness and the easy going humour hints that everyone was having a good time (except the perpetually constipated looking Stone Cold).

It's every man/guys/kid's action movie - not much of a story, Stallone, Lundgren, Jet Li, Statham, ultimate fighting legend Randy Couture, WWE's Stone Cold, Eric Roberts, Mickey Rourke with cameos by Stallone's buddies Willis and the Governor of California.

There are fun moments - Arnie almost steals the show, you have Jet Li whining like a woman about money, a fanboy wet dream of a smackdown with Randy Couture and Austin, Stallone getting his ass kicked and have you even symphatising for Lundgren! You of course have the gratitious violence deliverd by bazooka's (and that's just to kill one man!), about a coupla million rounds of ammo, hand guns, machin guns, an old sea plane to shoot off torsos. heads and various other body parts while the banana republic soldiers get sliced and diced by knives of various sizes, with even a shaving blade thrown in for good measure!

Will you watch it again? Nah. But if you're a guy brought up on testesterone and old action movies, just go once and say hi to old friends who stopped by in town. It's heart warming.


J said...

Wow. Gotta watch this movie. :)

(LOL. I think they should have just named it "The Action Movie",... or maybe "Testesterone Overload").

Chindiana said...

haha, just have a few beers and go in with no expectations J!

Nex said...

I saw someone commented that the title should have been 'Overcompensation: The Movie'


Chindiana said...

Nah that someone got to realise this kinda shows are not Gandhi or The Killing Fields. U just go in for mindless fun like WWE. This is quite tame compared to Stallone's last Rambo flick.

Bet that someone loved Twilight :P