Thursday, August 12, 2010

Condensation at Altitude

Just a quick question thrown out there. I forgot to mention in my Agung post that upon return to the van i discovered that my water proof pouches which contained my wallet and BB were heavy with moisture inside. The pouch with my BB was dangerously populated by droplets of water. Gus who was with me suffered a worse fate, his water proof pouch was a quarter full of water! Both his phones bade a sad farewell to our world and left for the great heaven likely to join the old ATUR phones.

Sure it was raining lightly for over 5 hours but most def the water in the pouches were from within. I can't think of a reason besides that the condensation was caused by the very cold air outside and the heat generated by the batteries to keep the equipment working.

Since many of you are a helluva smarter than me I'm hoping you can help me with this conundrum. Also just a heads up to you guys who may pack equipment in a humid zone before travelling up to altitude for a little adventure.


J said...

So I guess there are not that many condensation experts reading your blog?

Hey, maybe you can buy one of those vacuum seal storage thingamajigs that I saw on one of those TV shopping channels? :)

Chindiana said...

haha that was my last resort actually! great minds eh J ?

J said...

Yup yup. I agree! ;)

Nex said...

I'm no condensation expert, but if the pouch is watertight but not air tight, then yes condensation will continue to happen on the inside with temperature change, especially if the inside of the pouch is smooth (vinyl, polyester etc), and if the pouch is kept close to the body and gets warmed up by body heat.

When I used to go camping I was advised to keep moisture sensitive equipment in a zip-lock bag with the air squeezed out, then wrapped with a towel or cloth, and then put into a watertight pouch.

Chindiana said...

Aahhhhh okok that makes sense! Thanks Nex!