Tuesday, August 3, 2010


In the hotel now. Just checked in to wash up and scrub the grumpiness aside. The meeting took 45 minutes. Think we have touchdown.

I just realized that it is easy to spend 3 hours in transit:

- Get off plane, go through immigration, customs - 30 minutes (more if you have check in luggage)
- toilet break - 2 minutes to 15 minutes (add extra 2 minutes if you wash your hands)
- grab meal or coffee - 45 minutes
- browse duty free - anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour
- make way to departure lounge.

Now i have to repeat the same thing going back to KL in another 3 hours.

Going to start replying some emails. catch a quick snooze and then walk over to the airport (hotel brilliantly booked by my staff)

I have nothing to remember Cebu by besides the smell of the ocean from City Hall and the bridge that stretched across the canal and containers being loaded up to large ships. I will be back.

I just realized that some people love positioning their air conditions to hit a visitor full on to make then uncomfortable. An ex boss loved doing this and the current dude seemed to use that tactic as he motioned me away from the chair i chose in front of him to the one on the other side where i got him full on in the chest - hence my downing hot coffee from trying to stop myself from stuttering from the cold.

Too much coffee - my piss is starting to smell of 3-in-1 caffeine mix.


J said...

Haha... Well, coffee smells nice but I don't think this applies to your bodily fluids....
(Drink tea instead?)

Chindiana said...

after 3 cups in 20 minutes, coffee still smells like coffee whichever bodily orifice it comes out off J. Trust me. I know these things...

C. Andres Alderete said...

2 to 45 minutes toilet break. (I'm reading the Dune Chronicles)

Chindiana said...

Wow, never figured you for a classic sci fi/fantasy fan Carlos. A good read is a lonely travelers best friend that and some pick up skills at the airport bar.

ah lim said...

He is not lying about piss smelling like coffee.

Chindiana said...

Thanks Ah Lim! I forgot you just work next door to Old Town Kopitiam! :D