Saturday, July 24, 2010

My TV Heroes

A child's mind is formed by all around him. Scarily enough it's the Saturday morning or in those days the evening or afternoon weekly adventures of spacemen, cowboys and super heros.

Many of these guys made me dream, hope that being a better man would make the world at better place and yes, to be paraded as a cool guy by saving a hot hot Erin Gray from evil extra terrestrials. I tell you I had a longer crush on Wilma Deering than Princess Leia.

I am 41 this year. My first hero was a black and white masked man who appeared to a cool theme song (never new it was inspired by bowman William Tell) and had a cool pardner with an even cooler name. I looked for horses in Malaysia and almost pissed my pants when at about 5 i had my first pony ride at the Weld Supermarket back in those days when bell bottoms were still new to the world.

To the gentlemen below I thank you for instilling in me the need to do the right thing. To show me that right and wrong is as distinguishable as the black and white world that many of you spoke to me back in the day.

Majukanlah Heroes Tulen Untuk Negara.


Stella said...

My hero's McGuyver, damn terror!

Chindiana said...

Stella! that shows our age gap!


langkau said...

...being the prototype marginalized indigenous person, Tonto is left out from the introduction. tsk, much for kemosabe. :)

Chindiana said...

I think in some of the recent comic versions Tonto got his revenge ! damn, now you've got me thinking where to get that book!