Saturday, July 31, 2010

Longest Day Trip EVER

I leave at 1 AM tuesday morning to Cebu island in the Philippines for a meeting. I transit in Manila at 5am and catching an 8am flight south to Cebu. I should arrive in an hour and my meeting starts at 10am. My flight out is at 5pm and I should haul my ass into bed at about 1am Wednesday morning. That makes is 24 hours. Longer than my last record holder of 15 hours which took me from Malaysia to Laos to northern Thailand to Bangkok and back to KL.

Now what to do in the odd 3 hours I will have to do there? OK I'm opening up options to u guys so u can live vicariously through me. What would u do with 3 hours on a tropical island? And please note I've already eaten balut...

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