Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I'm TRYING to be enviromentally sensitive....

I know a lot of what ever we throw away ends up in an illegal dump on the edge of some forest reserve or under developed land near housing estates (i have one such ever growing dump in the empty land behind my house in Seremban).

The authorities and corruption makes it easy for careless disposal of waste. SO anway, I may be a grumpy ass mofo with alcoholic tendencies BUT i DO try NOT to be a pain to mother nature. I've got a whole lotta shit that I have kept in my house that I need to throw but i know that i will end up behind someone's house somewhere.

Can anyone of you out there let m know what I can do with:

1. Used batteries (i've got a mini mountain sitting in my home)

2. Used toasters, retro mini compos, etc (on another note - is there any old electical shop in the PJ area that can fix these old items?)

3. Old CPUs

Let me know folks. My social consciousness is collecting lotsa dust in the Chindiana Love Palace.


Josie said...

alam flora has recycling centers you can drop the old batteries at.

Chindiana said...

oh cools Josie. Terima kasiiiiiiiiihhhhh!!!!