Saturday, July 31, 2010

Chindi's Hottest Women of the World Awards

So i sit here and I realized that I have been blessed with the company and friendship of stunningly beautiful women. Unfortunately many of them think I am gay. Or a moron. Or a retard.

So I've decided to start for the very first time, Chindiana's Hottest Women of the World Awards!!! (only because the world revolves around me. sometimes. well, maybe once every leap year...)

And the awards go to:

Hottest Woman to Nag Me Award - Ah Chongzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!

Ah Chong, my personal Jiminy who has hopes for me to be a respectable citizen. Always on my shoulder, trying to keep me out of prison or getting beaten up by 7 foot transvestites.

Hottest Woman Whose Abs I Plan To Steal Award- Senorita Ame!!!!!

C'mon, its not fair that a hard drinking model can have better abs than a manly man who wrestles bears before breakfast! NOT FAIRRRRR!!!!!!! Also the hottest property agent i know who can hold her booze better than me.

Hottest International Kaki Yum Cha Award - Raageshwari Loomba!

Rags used to be a VJ for MTV India which i had a HUGE crush on. World Wrestling Entertainment made a boy's fantasy come through when she interviewed Big Show on a promo tour I was in charge of. She would actual make time to catch up for tea if I ever was in Bombay. Heavily involved in charity work she is now a famous singer in India. One of the most naturally bubbliest person on the planet that I know.

Hottest Cook Ever Award - Farah Siva!!!!

One of the longest running friendships with this crazy woman who can cook up the most breathtaking dishes evah! Unfortunately just recently engaged so she is lost to the world of single lone wolves prowling the prairies alone under the moonlight...

Hottest Mermaid Award! - Ariel Spock!!!!!!!
The most scarily details oriented woman on the planet (i refrain from the work anal) ! Ariel is an analyst with one of the largest insurance firms in the world. Also my source for financial advice (I have to put a disclaimer that she did not advice me to buy comics or action figures). Spends almost all her money diving in the oceans of Asia every other month! One addicted dive freak.....

Hottest Woman at 30,000 feet Award- Stella Q!!!!!!!

One of the craziest, wackiest and quirkiest women I know. AND also a great writer but selfishly keeps her thoughts to herself. (Stella if you could no-look teh tarik like Lily I would vote you President of the Galaxy!)

Hottest School Teacher Award - Bella Butternuts!!!!!!!

C'mon guys isn't this your fantasy? I mean I had The Tree Hugger and Joeby literally asking her to put on her 'teacher spectacles' when we met at Online Pub, just so they could fulfil a visual fantasy. Hot teacher or what?

Hottest Woman With A Potty Mouth - Ah Chanzzzzz!!!!!!

She puts me to shame this one. Even I am embarassed when she verbally assaults anyone. Her language has 'improved' even more since she moved to Scouser Land in the UK. This is the only shot I can find of her not pulling a face or attempting to eat someone's handbag.....

Aaaaaannnnd Finally......

Hottest Woman To Call Me An Arrogant Prick Award - Mz. Iking!!!!!

Yes, let it be known that I am an equal opportunity grump. I share my 'chirpy' disposition with one and all, even if you are the most beautiful woman in Malaysia. Thankfully this new age flower child forgave me over a cuppa coffee. One of the freeist and strongest spirited women I know.

There you go. Ladies, the T-shirt is in the mail.

Thank you one and all everybody, good night and I will see you next year!


C. Andres Alderete said...

*Dabbing my sweaty forehead with a handkerchief

Chindiana said...

Hope the awards made your day Carlos :)

ghoul said...

They made my day :) And night.

You keep nice company, you who wrestles bears before breakfast

word verification: bliziers

BellaButterNuts said...

DUDE!!! i want my tshirt!!!!!
make sure MY award is gold plated n decorated with diamond studs...and when i say 'stud' i dont mean you.. ;P
Bella says:
thanks you thanks you for the recognition. my parents are responsible for the good genes..(ahaks)

Chindiana said...

Thank you Ghoul, you who crawls around Ghoul Gate at well past midnight. Still working ah?

Bella I hear your mum quite the hot stuff?

Ah Chongzzz said...

Errr...thanks Chindy (?!). Eh, you steal picture allzzz!

Chindiana said...

Ah Chongzzzz! Of course I steal! I have no shame....

BellaButterNuts said...

my mom????
STOP fantasizing bout my mom already will ya..i'm telling dad!

Chindiana said...

okokok..... :P

Stella said...

Wah.. you gimme too much credit but thank you thank you!! :) Btw, the cicak video damn funny LOL!

Chindiana said...

Aiya stating facts only ler Stella. Plus orang Seremban sama geng ma!

I love that ad man. It actually makes think about buying ceiling boards!