Saturday, May 15, 2010

To my Millions of fans


FUCK ME, I just read the shit i put up a coupla hours ago. I'm just editing it to make some sense of it. Surprisingly Josie, Carlos and Jun-E seemed to understand my semi drunken rant. I've keeping the original post to remind me of what a moron i was and adding on to make some sense of what i was saying in italics.

its a coupla seconds before 3am. I've only had about 7 beers but I am happy. It always helps to have a couple of beers on an empty stomach after a day trip to Singapore.

I only type this to placate the millions of my 2 fans out there. (The Bai, who sent me a comment saying he missed my witty, ascerbic posts) AND I remember I owe Ame a post. From my fuzzy memory I remember that 21 club in Bangsar has some Sweet Young Things. I remember that I would die of shame if I would appreciate them for those fine gyrating booty action as I think I'm a little too old to be lusting after early 20 somethings. I get approached by TWO different men about my t-shirt. My gay stigma remains after all these years.

Dear Gay Men, can't you gents see that I DO NOT use toner for my umm... genetials? face? arse? Well actually I dont even know what it's for.

I'm heating up the crispy luncheon meat and mutton curry from the fridge. I cannot remember how long they've been in there. If you dont see a post within the next month that would mean that aliens from Mars have drugged me and taken my brain for further study in Singapore (wtf? no idea where this came from but leaving it in). I took a whiff of both the curry and meat. No smell. I should be sage ( i meant SAFE. Spent about 5 minutes trying to figure out what the fuck i meant -_-).


Josie said...

you should have kena some BKT with us just now.

those 2 guys, not joeby and kelv right? :p

C. Andres Alderete said...

Maybe change shirts? My profile picture gets a lot of gay attention. What can I say? Dudes love me.

Jun-E said...

Bai YO!


Why huh would you die of shame if you appreciate sweet young things?

And what was on your shirt? Rainbows and My Little Ponies?

Do gay guys use toner over everything?


Chindiana said...

Josie! haha no not your boys - it was this old mat salleh by the bar and some guy on the way to the wash room. If counting kelv and joeby it would be FOUR!

Carlos! Ouch looks like thats ANOTHER trait we share - gay magnetism.

Jun-E - I just realized i was typing semi drunk - i THINK i meant I'm too old to me lusting over SYTs. (well thats what I THINK i COULD have meant).

It was just a t-shirt that said "I apologise" at the back and "my better is better than your better" on the front. Not what i would think would be a gay fashion statement.

Re Toner not sure - i wasn't making sense at that point i assume..

J said...

Burn the tshirt, just in case.

ghoul said...

Chindy darling,

You were just across the road and you didn't call. I am deleting your contact number and taking back those keys!

(insert name)

word verification: untato

Chindiana said...

J! I may just keep that shirt in the closet JUST in CASE you KL girls finally turn me wear me down and make me turn to the 'dark side'.

On second thoughts maybe not. Dont particularly like entertaining thoughts of being buggered...

Ghoul! umm.... dude... did not know the undead at Jalan Riong swung that man man...