Wednesday, May 5, 2010

TIdak Kahwin?

Just about 30 minutes ago I headed back to my apartment feeling a little foolish for having left my football boots behind. I saw the old Indonesian cleaner who sweeps the corridors every morning. I had waved at her earlier and wished her a good morning as i left for work. Now I sheepishly gave her an embarrassed smile as I said "lupa barang", as I fumbled with my keys in front of my apartment door.

"Tinggal seorang?" she asked. "Tak Kahwin?" she added.

"Tak tak, belum lagi"

She laughed then added " jangan tunggu lama lama".


Even strangers seemed astonished that I'm single. Everyone needs to see me hitched.

Maybe its because they are amazed that a manly man like me, oozing with the disarming charm and the sense of humor of an affable George Clooney is still running wild, untamed, like a magnificent lone stallion galloping over forested hills, rising like a fiery golden phoenix every morning to wrestle gigantic bears before breakfast.

Or may she was just thinking I would at least have someone to remind me not to keep leaving stuff at home so that I don't unexpectedly catch her taking a quickie nap during her shift...

Whatever man....

I'm single, grumpy, constipated looking and loving it.



Jun-E said...

Love the manly man paragraph =D Mattoro!

Bella said...

(slaps forehead-rolling eyes)

Chindiana said...

Thanks Jun-E! It came from the heart! :P Lelina!

Bella! Dont hurt yourself too much rolling those eyes wei!

Ashley Liew said...

Things you say to make yourself feel better... Pure entertainment. LOL

Chindiana said...

Well Ashley, you young cynic you, its always sweeter WHEN IT'S TRUE! Wahahahaha!

J said...

Oh my, MODEST aren't we? :P

Chindiana said...

yoyo J! um.. welcome?

yes, i am VERY modest. Keeps me warm and fuzzy on cold rainy nights...:P

ghoul said...

The ladies can leave their numbers here so this manly man who wrestles bears before breakfast can spring like a delicate antelope towards the nearest phone and give you a call for a warm romantic seaside dinner and walk under the starry sky.

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