Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Technology Will Retard Us

UPDATED: 9AM 2nd June 2010. Just wanted to add a link that I ironically just read. Also changed the Majukanlah Dunia Semulajadi Untuk Negara as Bella pointed out it sounded wrong. Hey my Bahasa sucks I'll be the first to admit...

Time: Some time last week

Place: Somewhere near Changi Airport, Singapore.

The cab driver was one of the rare species of Singaporean taxi driver, meaning he was just a step away from being the understudy to Rain Man if they ever put together a Broadway play on um... mentally challenged individuals.

"We are here", he declares smugly looking at his GPS. The very same GPS he had been staring at like free porn for the past 30 minutes.

"Where?" I asked a little confused.

"31 Alps Avenue", he says looking at me as if addressing a retarded mutant egg tart.

"Dude.... THIS says 81 Alps Avenue."

'Nnonono, see..." he points at his GPS. 31 Alps Avenue.

DUDE, look at the wall, it says 81! AND its not UPS."

"OOooh hahah sorry sorry its on the right."

I look right and its DHL. Number 79.

Now i realize the retarded mutant egg tart sits in the driver's seat.

"Can you drive down the road sir. I think its further down", I am polite. This is Singapore. There may be a fine for raising your voice at a cab driver.

Now he looks confused. Looking right and left and then at the GPS. Its as if the forces of the Universe were conspiring against him.

"BOSS I am going to be late. Can we PLEASE drive down further."

This jerks him out of his mental haze.

"OKOK". He drives down slowly looking at his GPS.

"DUDE can you get to the end of the ROAD PLEASE." I am surprised at my Jedi like sense of calm. Maybe its knowing that Singapore might have another fine about losing one's temper in the confines of public transportation.

I see the UPS building. "Dude its in front! SEE! That building is in front."

The moron is still glued to his GPS trying to figure out why the real world does not seem to want to work with his clever gadget.

I get out. Assault him and leave the cab a burning heap in the middle of the road.

Oh course I don't. It's Singapore. They just MIGHT fine me.

This just accentuates the world we live in now. In UK a year or so ago there was an article where GPS disciples were getting into accidents and even driving off a pier while trying to 'find' their way to their destinations instead of looking at the road in front.

Tech geeks and advocates embrace Tech as the Second Coming little realizing that tech is far from perfect. To think that tech will solve immediate complexities can only come from the mind of Homer Simpson proportions.

Just after I wrote this post I read an article about a woman who followed directions on Google Maps where she ended up walking on an expressway. And got hit by a car. AND is suing Google for USD100,000. Read HERE. Wonder if she was blonde...

We're humans. Machines will never EVER replace the most basic of our instincts. Look up once in a while, away from your I Phones, Blackberries, I Pads, GPS, MSN/Messager/Google Talk screens and just take in the world around you. Its' not that bad a place you know.



Majukanlah SUKAN Untuk Negara.


BellaButterNuts said...

Majukanlah Dunia Semulajadi Untuk Negara

ahahhahaha...ape tu..?
semulajadi and negara does NOT blend la chindi...

Nex said...

Aren't you glad you're one of the few who DO look up from your Blackberry once in a while? XD

Chindiana said...

Bella :)! Thanks! I re read it and it sounded waaaay weird! Changed it already. I got 7 for my SPM BM and 8 for my resit anyway.. fukers, its a conspiracy i tell youse....

Nexo! yesh the view away from the BB is refreshing. Dont you know I keep getting the disappointed comments from some of our staff about why i dont read my BB emails? haha fuck no, not during happy hours people...

BellaButterNuts said...

....TheBella really think TheChindi should stick with maju-ing the sukans untuk negara closing...

in future kindly refer to TheBella for BM statements...no need re-sit SPM all. ;P
>waving peace sign<
iihikhikhik... :)