Sunday, May 16, 2010

Randomness on A Sunday

So last night I walk into my first lesbian bar. Perfect timing for the invitation in a way after Friday's 'happy' encounter in 21 with the gentlemen who 'liked my t-shirt'.

Aggie called saying that she and her boy friend were having quiet Saturday drinks in little pub for women and how could I say no?

It turned out a little anti-climactic. In a man's mind, a lesbian bar would have smoking HOT chicas, tonging each other in pure sight as male strippers were jeered at on stage. Yes yes i KNOW that lesbians have no use for male strippers but like i said - this is a male's POV, well at least my own.

As it turns out, it was a rather quiet, cosy little bar whose target market of lesbians mixed casually with the straight clientele. This was a Chinese joint so I did get some startled looks as I walked it - they must have wandered what the hell was this Malay looking clown wearing an Argentina football jersey walking in looking a little lost.

You would not know it was the a lesbian bar until you notice that three quarter of the men were actually women, with Korean boy band hair and strapped boobs. The ladies of the relationships were nothing to shout out to the world, the standard jeans and tank top types who are passable but nothing to have wet dreams about. The ladies played pool while some other's ran the gamut of Cantonese songs on the karaoke machine. I have to say them dykes are good singers. There were at least 3 singers who sounded like the late Anita Mui.

I left disappointed as I really only wanted to see two women tongue each other. It is crucial that I expand my horizon on new experiences that enrich one's soul and this turned out a wasted trip.

Tomorrow I fly into Bangkok for a day trip. I've been told to be careful and I will. The only reason I set the meeting is that every Thai i had spoken to over the past two weeks said there was no problems. This is of course before the 17 deaths on Friday. But it does seem that media coverage is putting Bangkok in more serious situation that it could be. I spoke to 3 Thais and they were talking about the Red Shirt protest more as a nuisance then a state of emergency. Anyway I hope to be able to finish my meeting on time and not get delayed or held back. I've got too many meetings on Tuesday. But it will be interesting so see what Bangkok will be like. I've never flown into a city that is on the verge of political upheaval and political violence. I will NOT be taking my camera as I know i might be tempted to take some photos and as since I do look Thai ( and Indonesian, Nepali, Filipino, Korean...) I might get mistaken for someone who looks like a potential punching bag.

Also have to remember not to wear anything yellow or red tomorrow.

I just found out that last year iconic Japanese anime production house Studio Ghibli (Spirited Away) had set up a production unit in Toyota's production facility in Japan. Go HERE for more. How cool is that? It's supposed to inspire the animators to work in the midst of ongoing production and research hub for Japan's largest automaker . I don't know how this is going to work out but I think we need to think out of the box if we want to make a difference in the world. I'm looking to the Japanese and Scandinavian countries to show us some way out of a future that is increasingly looking bleak.

I gave some old clothes to my Nepali guards in my apartment. They now salute me every time I pass by. This makes my day. At least in the mornings, after coffee and wrestling bears when I drive out to work,I get to feel like a triumphant army commander.



C. Andres Alderete said...

You had me at "So last night I walk into my first lesbian bar." Great post, man. Very interesting.

J said...

OMG. Take care in Bangkok! :(
(*freaked out by the recent headlines*)

ghoul said...

My friend and her friend was supposed to fly to Ho Chi Minh City last Thursday on a MAS flight. The flight was delayed 40mins and they ended up in Bangkok instead.

Yeah, they went to Ayutha and kept far away from the troubled zones in Bangkok (they were reminded of that by the hotel staff).

So be a good boy and stay away from troubles, mr diana chin :)

word verification: pardost

ghoul said...

err *were supposed

*smacks self*

word verification: fighte(r)

Chindiana said...

Carlos! Thanks man! Always an honor to hear from Austin's finest undiscovered writer/artist!

Yo J, it was cool. Nothing really dramatic except they inposed curfew at 3pm. Luckily Ihad just left town back to the airport.

Ghoul! - yes MOM. Warms my heart. Thanks bro. Wait are you still gay today?

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