Sunday, May 2, 2010

Best Super Hero Movie of the Year!

Watching two super hero movies within a couple of days is great for comparison. Ironman 2 suffered from Sequel Sydrome and lost it's heart. It seems that the folks of Kick Ass found that heart, threw in some soul, fun, teen angst,fun and some of the most disturbing violence ever seen on cinema (Hit GIrl!) . The action sequences rock (Hit GIrl!) and the movie moves along nicely. All this with none of the so called heroes possessing any super powers whatsoever!

Pity its produced by a smaller producer and although a Marvel Comics title it's obvious that Marvel and their movie and distribution partners were expecting Ironman to bring in the moolah. There has not been much promotions for the movie and the time slots are a little weird. Catch this little gem of fun before it dies a slow death in a market where hype is celebrated and adored.

If the world were ending and you only had to watch one more movie this year? Go KICK ASS!
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Stella said...

Watched it, loved it but Hit Girl is a bit disturbing, and the main guy is kinda good looking, I wish McLovin played that part instead. :) Gonna watch IronMan soon!!

Chindiana said...

Yoyoyo Stella, the scary part is I also found it disturbing when Hit Girl tears up the bad guys but still couldn't help chuckling at the whole thing! I'm sure there were some moral laws broken when filming those scenes! But who cares, it rocked!

Have a good flight back!

ghoul said...

I loved this film, too, lol.

Bloody and lots of cussing but who can be angry at that "11-year-old" ... awww so sweet.

I saw the making off... actually, the comics only coming out or something. The movie ended up coming out faster than the comics...


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Chindiana said...

Ghoulo! The first series comics out d. The first story arc done. Mark Millar working on follow up to the first comic series and due out next year I think.

ghoul said...

Oh sorry :P

The kick-assed-ness of this film blew whatever brains i have left out of my skull.

Ka-baam. Kick ass.

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Chindiana said...

Clapicat would be great name for a gay super hero - The Fearsome Clapicat, The Enforcer of The Fashion Police! meoowr......