Saturday, April 3, 2010

Last Night...

A Chinaman requested a Zainal Abidin song from the Indian singer in online pub.

Let me add - Last night, at the Online Pub in Damansara Kim, a 40-something Chinese man requested Muslim singer Zainal Abidin's song Hijau from a young late 20's Indian singer who had an English name. (may or may not matter that he sounded like the dude from Nickelback)

The whole bar sang to the chorus. You know the one - where you start and stumble when you hit the Kelantanese words. There were Indian and Chinese in the bar. And they all knew the Malay words. We all clapped and cheered and drank as we sang along racial rants in parliment, in hidden ceramahs be screwed.

One Malaysia has always been around. Someone just forgot to tell the politicians.


ah lim said...


Nex said...
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Nex said...

All the Chinese, Muslims, Indians, 'dan-lain-lain' in East Malaysia who do not care, nor want to know what is each others' race/religion raised our collective eyebrows when the govt came out with this so-called '1 Malaysia' crap.

ghoul said...

Yay! I love that Song!

Dewasa ini kita saling merayakan
Kejayaan yang akhirnya membinasakan
Apalah gunanya kematangan fikiran
Bila dijiwa kita masih lagi muda dan mentah
Ku lihat hijau

Where are all the adults? Seriously.

word verification: suatin

P.S. Ask Hans for the autographed pictures of her as Queen Amidala :) She looked gorgeous.

Chindiana said...

ah lim! - um.. yipeee?

Nex! - You know, I know, the rest of us know. seems we just layan la and go with this year's campaign. but the badge, wear the t-shirt, etc.

Wahh Ghoul! you now the words by heart also! you sing that song in Jln riong in the washroom? or just to disturb Solo?

Wak This Way said...

That's a good song. I don't know or like too many malay songs but when I hear that song, I think about home.