Saturday, April 10, 2010

Bebek Bengil, Ubud, Bali

When Ariel recommended Bebek Bengil i figured I'd had to give it a try. That fussy woman has the standards of the Queen of England and when she says - "can't go wrong" well I guess I must give it a shot.

SO... worth it?

YEAP. The duck is dry not like some of the styles we get in Malaysia and its fragrant. It's very nice in it's simplicity. Good stuff!

You MUST eat the duck with the chili sauce! NOW THAT is a MUST. I have decreed it! Its awesome - a mixture of chili, garlic, some onions, i think a bit of vinegar and maybe something tomato-ish? I'm not too sure. I dont cook but it is MOST EXCELLENT.

The Duck - simple prepartions (out of focus shot - i was VERY hungry!). ALso you MUST try the Baby Back Pork ribs, normally served after 2pm. It is fantastic with the meat literally falling of the bones! Of course wash it down with some cold Bintang beer (if you're a boozer like me)

Try to call early for reservations - it gets packed especially during the weekends. Try to ask for the Rice pavillion where you get to look over the lush green rice field next to the diner.

Patrons frolicking in the rice field.

The Rice Pavillion/Terrace

Quick Facts:
Bebek Bengil is in Ubud about and hour plus from Kuta depending on traffic. Its along the main Ubud street so your driver or cabbie will find it.

Their other famous dish the Suckling Pig needs advance booking of about 2 days. The Baby Back pork ribs is normally read after 2pm.

Best combination is hit Ubud early for a massage in one of the many spas there then head over to grab your lunch at BB.


C. Andres Alderete said...

Nice. Great pictures too. You outta try your hand at cooking. I've recently become obsessed with it, and you and I appear to have similar brains.

Chindiana said...

Carlos! Scarily enough i HAVE been contemplating trying my hand at cooking! my mum is a fantastic cook and i miss her cooking so have been playing around the idea of getting her to teach me some of her favs.

VERY similar brains indeed!

Now i gotta work on getting my kitchen fixed...

ghoul said...

Oh no. It this a disease that is spreading?

I have started cooking, too... since late last year. Out of the blue. After 10 years not using kitchen appliances.

What is going on!??

word verification: amsta

Chindiana said...

the effemmination of men Ghoul?

I'd like to think it completes us as we're sorta perfect as it is....

ah lim said...

The chili looks really good. So good you can even eat it on its own... hehe

Chindiana said...

Ah Lim! (-_-)