Thursday, March 11, 2010

Siem Reap Day Two

Holy crap! Nex has discovered a new range to his already considerable range of snoring. Its actually quite symphonic and although is scary on the volume level does seem to have some basic melody to it. Last night however i was startled awake to the sound of a bear being raped by an angry tiger. Thank god I'm used to Nex (all those years of traveling together really has trained me to sleep under any conditions).

I actually spent today working as there were some things at the office that needed looking into. Nex kindly stayed in with me uploading pictures and updating his posts on our trip. Go HERE for some of his pictures and notes.

Quick update:

Tonle Sap and its floating village is a ton of crap. What you get is and incredibly monstrous lake (100 miles across and 30 miles wide) but the whole experience to the floating village doesn't actually bring out any of the beauty of this lake. What you get is actually a poor fishing village that's been turned into a freak show. Poor fishermen living abroad derelict boats and barges having tourists snapping away at them is not good sport. You do give credit to some NGOs and the government that have built a floating school and even a floating basketball/volleyball court.

You can get some fun by asking the boat driver to let you try your hand at steering a boat down the river to the floating village. I only managed to just miss one boat of fishermen..

As usual the boat operators will con you for a USD20 charge per person. The key is to get a group of people and the cost should be about USD10 per head. AND the driver and guide will also con you into buying pencils and pads for the floating school. They're marked up of course. Nex and I made the little fukers take us to the school direct and we gave cash to the teachers. Not much anyway but at least they could buy an eraser and a half sheet of A4 paper. One good view maybe is to find a vantage point to enjoy the sunsets over the lake. As far as I can see only the fish and crocodile farm has an elevated platform that can catch the sunset.

We discover joint that serves a JUG of BEER for USD1.50

Eat your heart out Langkawi and Labuan!!!!!!

Massages are cheap running from USD4 - USD6 for an hour for body/thai/Khmer with oils. Not bad. Cheaper than most places in Thailand even.

Not good  - i've been shopping. SOmething i rarely do. Have bought staff some key chains of the Angkor Wat. I think I spoil them too much...

Well we're off tomorrow to catch the sun rise at Angkor. Lets see what happens.

G'nite folks.


ghoul said...

hahaha, hope you are having a great time :) I enjoyed my Siem Reap trip last year.

And yes, the alcohol is very cheap :)

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Chindiana said...

Ghoul! Tips please where is good place to go besides angkor?

ghoul said...

I went to all the temples only. Angkor Wat, Thom, and that Women's temple outside Siem Reap, etc.

Didn't bother with the lake. Forewarned, hehe.

hope you are having a good time :)

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