Friday, March 5, 2010

A Red Sky Over Bangkok

The Red Sky Bar. On the 55th Floor, Centara Grand Hotel, Central World, Bangkok.
NOT my picture. Taken off the corporate sight.

I'm sitting here in the Novotel, Siam Square in Bangkok. Sometimes things just make a perfect day. In a way. Today was somewhat surreal, tiring, mundane and yet ended on a perfect note.

I flew in to Bangkok this morning for a meeting with a minister here in Bangkok. I was told the meeting would be near the Parliament. What I was NOT told was that it was going to be IN the Parliament. Thank god I had packed a jacket with my smelly pair of jeans that could kill roaches by smell.

What I THOUGHT would be an informal meeting ended up with me shaking hands with the Minister as photographers snapped away and we exchanged words via microphones and an interpreter even though he sat next to me. This was as official as it could get. Oh, I also got a tour of Parliament house and even had the Thai Prime Minister walk past me in the corridors. Am still not sure what happened, but I MUST have been mistaken for the Minister of Hobbit Horticulture from Jamaica to warrant the VIP treatment. Normally I would get seated next to some Minister's driver's nanny and made to eat cold nasi lemak with the Private Secretaries.

This was followed by Bangkok Traffic Jam, a long meeting with me trying VERY hard to get a message across to someone who thinks that I am a retarded mongoose. I end up making excuses to go to the toilet where I vent out on something totally unrelated to Peekz. (Sorry ah!)

Another traffic jam later which takes about an hour for a 5 km drive I end up rushing off some emails to the office in KL. I'm tired and grumpy and that's when some of those things happen that you feel like life just ain't that bad.

One of my friends in Bangkok calls me up for dinner. "Pick the place fuker and I'll meet you there". Sirocco is fully booked so I make a reservation at Red Sky at the Centara Grand Hotel. I've never been but I heard the view was nice.

I waited for the clown as the waiter brought my ice cold Heineken. I was 55 floors up in an open bar. The wind was just right and the cold night air moved in. The lights of Bangkok spread in front of me like a carpet of stars and car lights moved along threadlike highways, roads and lanes like orderly fireflies. It's beautiful. The place is only half full and people talk in hushed tones. Nat King Cole sings Unforgettable gently in the background as the wind picks up slightly. 55 stories in the sky I down my beer and suppress a burp. It is perfect.

My phone buzzes an sms message near my crotch. "Hey fuker, thanks for being a grumpy fuck. I can't make it but enjoy the meeting. Tell Pi I'm stuck in a meeting".

"mother fu.... playedmeoutfukiing..... wait... Pi????"

I order another beer. Not really pissed off as I'm happy where I am. I look over the city. MY view, my right to enjoy this view and think that fuck this world and all its baggage. Sometimes we deserve some luxuries. Even if it means stealing a quiet solitary moment above the twinkling starlight of a city preparing to slumber for the night.

"Hi Chindiana! hope you didn't wait long. Mike said he can't make it so we're stuck with each other tonight."

Ah... Pi. Mike's business partner. Have I mentioned how extra hot Thai professional women look? No, not the ones you GUYS are thinking about. These own their own businesses, wear tailored dresses or suits and carry original LV bags. Especially after a long day at work and they've let their long hair down and they're speaking in that soft lilting Thai accent and they're smiling that smile as they settle down onto a comfy chair? 

"You having beer tonight?"

"Yeah, your country doesn't like Guinness."

She laughs and orders a merlot. Her fashionably cut hair blows gently in the wind as she looks at my stomach and asks if she should order a salad for me. She laughs again as I roll my eyes as she orders our dinner in Thai to the attentive waiter.

Andy Williams sings some old song but I still hear Mr Cole in my head and have to agree that things, at least for that precise moment, were indeed unforgettable.


Ashley Liew said...

Most importantly, did'ya get laid?

Chindiana said...

Most importantly, even IF i did I wouldn't say...

You take the bf there Ash, view nice or good for a quiet night out with the girls. But for just bar fun and music i hear Sirrocco tops Red Sky. Its windier too. That's next on my list of stops in BKK.

Josie said...

*grin* I'm betting you DID.

ghoul said...

LOL :)

Of course.

Else he would have denied it :)

Got pix or not?


Of the place lar!!!!!

*smacks Chindy*

word verification: calismso

Chindiana said...

No pics, didn't take my camera. But next time, NEXT time...

I didn't LA. I dont mix biz and pleasure!

Nex said...

I trust Chindi

*smack the doubters*

Good thing it was you...I would have totally spoiled the moment.

Pi :"Hi Nex! hope you didn't wait long. Mike said..."

Me: "Have a sit, I'll be with you shortly; I need to get that moon framed just right against the night scape before it gets to high..."

Chindiana said...

Thanks Nex! You know me so well!

That's OK Nex, good to know that there are still straight men out there who can still let a moon over nightime cityscape overshadow a beautiful woman.