Sunday, March 14, 2010

Prices In Siem Reap

USD 8 for half day rental for a Tuk Tuk.

USD15 for full day Tuk Tuk rental.

USD3-4 for Amok Fish in road side cafe (not local stall - tastes decent)

USD9 for Amok Fish in the Foreign Correspondents Club (tastes like stewed newspaper)

USD12 for ticket to the Angkor Museum. Keep in mind some guide books say its free. 

USD20 one day pass to Angkor Archaeological Park

USD40 for 2-3 day pass to Angkor Archaeological Park

USD60 for one week pass to Angkor Archaeological Park

USD 12 - USD200 for hotel rooms in Seam Reap

USD1.50 for fried rice in coffee shops in Old Market

2,ooo Real (about USD0.50 cents for 'numpang' local baguette with char siew) 

USD 0.75 cents for local stall breakfast (actually its just chicken porridge)

USD7 for breakfast buffet in hotel

USD6 for all you can eat BBQ buffet in The Villa Hotel (Every Tuesday and Friday only)

USD0.80 or about 3,000 Cambodian Riel for a local noodles.

USD2.50 for 6 pack 1500ml mineral water in Lucky Mall super market (cheapest in town so far)

USD1 for ONE 1500ml mineral water bottle in road side stall.

USD1.50 for a jug of Angkor beer at Jasmine's

USD4 for a Angkor beer tower at jasmines

USD0.50 - USD o.75 for a beer at Pub Street

USD2-3 for a pirated copy of Lonely Planet

USD5 for really good quality high res picture guide books on Angkor/ its history etc (prices start from USD11. These books are pirated books by international authors. Most of you reading this are Malaysian so do us proud and bloody bargain the ass off the little runts peddling the stuff) You can get best prices from the street kids at the temples as they are more desperate (i hate to use this word but I hate being cheated more).

USD20-35 being conned for a boat ride to the Tonle Sap floating villages.

USD10 for boat ride AFTER doing research on prices of boat rides to Tonle Sap. Key is get a group. If you're solo and a pasty skinned Mexican like Carlos, you're going to get charged USD35. If you're 2 idiot Malaysians you get hit from USD20 each. Key is get a minimum of 3 and you're in for USD10. I think you can negotiate a better price if your group is much larger.

USD6 for one hour local massage

USD10 for one hour 4-Hand massage :) (not its not THAT kind of happy gentlemen)

USD25 airport tax upon departure (yeah, don't burn all your Dollars on cheap massages that will add up in the end or else you'll be eating amok fish in Siem Reap a few more days till someone who actually cares for you wires some cash over)

USD40 to shoot off 30 rounds from an AK 47

USD 10 to take photos of the AK 47 and other weapons (if you're two broke Malaysians)

What locals will ask you 

USD1 - take a picture of local kid playing in lake, playing around temple, holding a live snake around his neck like a garland, frolicking in countryside, shitting himself in said countryside... (and if you DO pay you're a dumbass. They will ask of course)

USD1 for a can of Coke (you can get TWO for USD1 esp from temple hawkers (desperate) and stall vendors)

USD1 for post card

USD1 to pay the dressed up local girl in traditional outfit in the temples

USD1 for the price of an pre-dawn coffee and the rental of a plastic chair at Angkor Wat sunrise viewing session near the small lake.

USD1 to pray inside the temples (my mum will PAY ME to light joss sticks and pray at home)

In terms of bargaining I'm sure many of you women who read this, especially those battled hardened bargain hunters who visit Bangkok on shopping jaunts, may get some better deals. I am after all not really much of a holiday shopaholic.


C. Andres Alderete said...

Can you repost this, adjusting to my being a pasty-skinned Mexican from Texas? Way to make an expenditure itinerary fun to read!

Chindiana said...

I never knew there were pasty skinned Mexicans Carlos! What you been eating? :)

Will repost only if you plan on visiting Cambodia! Then you can stop by Malaysia and we can share a couple of beers!

Nex said...

You forgot to mention the USD15 for full day Tuk Tuk rental only covers the main Angkor complex, and applies to visits during 8-ish to 5-ish, Anything before or after that will get another USD3-5 added onto the USD15.

And that 8-ish to 5-ish time frame do not entitle you to ask your Tuk Tuk driver to go to outlying temples, even though you only use his services for half a day.

Key is to get a price confirmation from the hotel manager before such trips, as the hotel's rank-and-file staff are vague at best when quoting you the prices...

I put Cambodia in the same league as Vietnam: there's someone waiting to scam or rip you off around every corner...

ghoul said...

I told ya before siem reap is the 51st state of Uncle Sam. :)

But i think it's worth it. You really can't visualise the impact those hauntingly beautiful temples/structures are until you are there yourself.

word verification: thirapt

Chindiana said...

Nex! was saving THAT experience for another rant! haha.

Ghoul, most def worth it. Brings on whole different feelings than other places i've visited in the region.

Best regards,