Thursday, April 1, 2010

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Killer

C'mon! How can you NOT wanna read an alternate reality yarn (or maybe it's not that far out?) about Honest Abe hunting vampires with his trusty axe? I ignored Grahame-Smith's tale about Pride and Prejudice and Zombies as a silly gimmick but darn it, if Mr Lincoln is on the cover it can't be that bad right?

This was my reading material in Bali and I finished it in a little over two days. It's just a fun read with historical fact mixed with a generous amount of horror fiction. Abe going all Buffy Summers on vampires, Good Vamps v Bad Southern Vamps, Vampires using Southern plantation owners to breed food sources via the slaves, Abe being guarded by a trio of 18th century bad ass special ops vampires, Confederate vampires fighting in the Civil War against Union soldiers, Abe's relationships with his family and his fears and insecurities, vampires fighting each other using flintlocks and knives, etc.

Beats a Ben 10 episode any day.

Ahhh, the endless possibilities as I hear they are planning a movie out soon. What lies in the future? Wesley Snipes and Martin Luther King vs Dracula? Gandhi the Exorcist? Mother Theresa Werewolf Hunter? Michael Jackson and Big Foot - A Real Love Story?

Available now at all respectable book stores!


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I guess JUST Pride and Prejudice is the only way to go for you eh? Jangan le kejam sangat. Layanlah my juvenile tendencies!