Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Wolfman

You would even consider because of Del Toro and Hopkins. Weaving just turns up to channel his inner Agent Smith minus the suit and Raybans.


The grey English moors and the derelict old sets only gives this movie the exciting pace of an old folks home. The werewolf is retro and how many more werewolf transformations can one take seriously? Hopkins scenes are entertaining and Hugo Weaving is passable with somewhat cliched situations. Old Benicio looks like someone dragged his ass out of bed after a week long bender.

I assume they were going for Bela Lugosi 'classy' but in the end it just ends up a plodding piece of dreary druggery.

Save your money. Invest in your soul's satisfaction with two Ramly burgers and a ice cold glass of tebu.

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