Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Manado No More

AirAsia has canceled their direct flights from Kuala Lumpur to Manado, in North Sulawesi, Indonesia. Woe is me and a massive waste especially to the many folks out there who have not had a chance to discover Manado's raw beauty beneath the oceans and the serene simplicity of its volcanic highlands and beautiful countryside.

Underneath the waves the sea off Manado is theming with wondrous sea life and is a makro undersea photographer's wet dream. The 'muck diving' experience is one of a kind with a vast array of little critters inhabiting the oceans especially along the Lembeh Strait.

Now the only way is to fly Silk Air from Singapore or via various connections with domestic airlines out of Jakarta and Makassar.

Below is just some tribute shots from my last trip. I've just added some pictures from Ariel who is a good friend and avid diver who has already dived Bunaken and the Lembeh Straits in Manado.

Dive Boat at Minahasa Lagoon's cafe.

Tomohon market place

The farmlands on the way up to Mahawu Volcano

The crater of active volcano of Gunung Lokon

Onong's Palace jungle getaway

Tandano Lake

Jesus lives! Just outside of Manado City.

View of Manado bay and town from Mahawu volcano

Deck Chairs from Minahasa lagoon resort

These are some pictures courtesy of Ariel Spock, taken from Bunaken and the Lembeh Straits.

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Ah Chongzzz said...

Clean and straight - beautiful pics.

Chindiana said...

Ah Chongzzzz! Terimakasiiiiiiih!!! :)

ahchan said...

where'd you get that last picture which is of me in the morning ???

Chindiana said...

ahchan!!! I THOUGHT it looked familiar! :P

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