Sunday, February 28, 2010

First in A Series

Partially hidden tattoo of a Baby Ganesha deity.

Ladies and gents, start your engines to a whole new series on tattoos on babes. I've always found women being a bit more creative than men (c'mon you clowns, how many 'tribal' designs do you want? what tribe is that? what does it mean to you? sheesh....) with their 'tats and of course the female form embraces the ink much more comfortably then a dude's chunky being.

This is of course a bad shot. Only because the lady here Vety is a Thai hostess in a club in Singapore. We're not really supposed to take pictures in a club like this. This is not those dodgy clubs where they blow you off under the table as most of them speak excellent English and are there to just keep you company while you burn your way through the company expense account.

I'd like to think behind every tattoo there is a story. Well Vety's here is pretty much a standard that she got it as Ganesha is the God of Knowledge and resourcefullness. And she wanted that as it's tough going in Thailand. The tattoo is done the traditional way without needles and the fine Thai wording is intricate. I've never seen one of these before but of course I dont really see a lot of Thai women outside of work.

The story behind Vety is intresting. As the standard action in Singapore many girls are brought in strictly for vice or as hostesses to the country where they converge on Geyland, Orchard Towers and the other unofficial designated areas by the Singaporean authorities. Some just work out of clubs as hostesses and singers espcially the Thai women. Most of the Thais come in on monthly tourist visas and alternate between Bangkok and other South East Asian capital cities mainly Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and now even Jakarta. But I must assume Singapore gives them the best value for money with their high Singapore dollar.

In the Thai bars in Singapore the girls make their steady income from guys buying them Lady Drinks (some guys like to buy Lady Boy Drinks... ) but the main cash comes from singing. As in some of the smaller food courts in the smaller towns in Malaysia like Penang, Seremban and Melaka in Malaysia where we see old ladies singing on a stage and are rewarded by members of the audience with garlands of flowers bought at a premium average RM10-50. The money is then split between the venue owner and the singer.

In Singapore however this takes on the 'reward' platform to a whole new level. Here garlands range from S$100 to 20000!!!!. Some guys spend up to S$10,000 on a girl in one night! AND this is not even a promise of sex!!!!! I saw two dudes vieing for the attention of one girl and she had garlands on her that were about S$2,000. And this was just the first set on stage.

This is very new to me. I've been around the region but to see guys literally throwing THOUSANDS dollars in just one night with no sure of any action is amazing. More must be studied on this matter. Must visit these clubs for the sake of quenching the thirst for knowledge.

The girls probably earn more than you or me which blows. They pull in a minimum about SD300 a night. One day off a week. Roughly doing the math thats maybe about S$ 8K. Its about USD6.5K and over RM20K. Their housing is paid for wish means they only spend on food. Damn, what i would give for endless legs, silicone boobs, and tight ass, waist long hair, monthly menses, mood swings, insecurity, and...... . Never mind.


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