Saturday, February 20, 2010

Another Day Another Airport

I'm sitting here in the LCCT waiting to board my flight to Jakarta. Just thought I'd post a little on Bangkok. Bambii was a no show so I had to make my meeting solo. In a way it was probably for the best. I was told by my contact that she's hot so she might have distracted the old dudes at the meeting table and they would probably think she was just more than just a translator to me.

An otherwise pretty uneventful trip except that my cab driver was a self proclaimed 'Red Shirt' the pro Thaksin. It was interesting chat as I've never met any locals who are so vocal about their politics. He said the 'Yellow Shirts' the pro government are joined at the hip to Abhisit's ruling government and the army. The army in a way chooses who runs the country. He curtly cut me short when I asked if the King had any influence. Quite cool still to know that even politics cannot change the reverence all Thais have for their ruling monarch. The Yellow Shirts use violence he said, guns, bat, and sticks. The Red Shirts are non violence. He goes on to say that the government is in debt and that no action is being done to kick start the economy. Tourism is down and folks are heading to Malaysia, Hong Kong and Singapore instead of to the Land of Smiles.

Bangkok waves goodbye and mutters a "good riddance to bad grumpy Malaysians" as I walk towards immigration.

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