Thursday, February 18, 2010

3 Days 3 Countries

Tomorrow I head to Bangkok. Trouble shooting with some dodgy politics going on. Suspect the MD of vendor is lying to the Chairman or at least fudging the translation of conversations from English to Thai. The Chairman looks at least a century old and speaks no English. The MD is up to something. He's been out translator in meetings, emails and documents to the Chairman but negotiations seem patchy and erratic. I thought I caught him out when I asked him to ask the Chairman why all our emails and faxes to meet urgently last month were not answered and that it made no sense that they said we were not cooperating. MD laughs, speaks to Chairman in light smiley tones and Chairman laughs.


I've arranged for an independent translator tomorrow. But I'm worried.

Her name is Bambii.

On Saturday I head to Singapore for another day trip. Two meetings which I hope to finish in time to visit Simply Toys and see if I can get a Premium Format Slave Leia on sale (after the meeting of course)

Sunday is Jakarta's turn and I get to spend a night near Kelapa Gading mall. I get a chance to buy that McFarlane Warrior Dragon I did not have space to carry back on the last trip. In the words of Little Ani, "Yipeeeee..."

Yeah I know -_-


LCB said...

Bro... am in Jakarta on SUnday.. buzz me

Chindiana said...

Eh you better come for the game! 3pm tip off. I'll get you the hospitality passes. How many? (but Jakarta so no booze) We thani after that also.