Friday, January 15, 2010

Another Day Another Flight Delayed...

In a hotel in Jakarta now. Why is it that I always get rooms that seem to have rat cum on the carpets?

AirAsia has been sorta good to me with me actually arriving early if not on time over the past 4 months. So I guess the laws of averages catch up to me with a double whammy when today's flight was delayed also.

I help this cute old Indian Muslim couple going to Jakarta and Bandung on a group holiday. They are seated next to me on the plane and the pakcik is not sure how to fill in the immigration and custom forms. Their passports are fresh from the Immigration Department's presses (issued 5th January 2010) and they're nervously excited. I fill up the forms on auto pilot so I dont think the Makcik will be too happy when the immigration officers asks her if she's really a male ( I only realized after i got off the plane).

Indonesian Batik is not that bad. Folks wear it here as common attire IN BROAD DAYLIGHT. Unlike Malaysia batik that seems to have been designed by a Ronald McDonald reject with colors that would even hurt a blind man's eyes.

I've got a Hunter S Thompson book on the Hell's Angels to keep me company after I shoot of some emails. Should listen to that woman and get a Blackberry.

Oooo... Letterman's on. 


Those emails can wait.


Ashley Liew said...

Kesian lah that makcik!! I'm sure she didn't burn any churches to deserve that

Chindiana said...

Ash! Mistake ler! dont la make me feel guilty...

plain jane said...

you saja jer make that makcik get into trouble issit. tak pasal2 from ibuk jadik bapak? nanti immigration officer tu bilang, angkat kainnya pak biar kami periksa..

wonder if her first trip to jakarta turned into a nightmare thanks to chindy??

double the guilt yet??

Chindiana said...

Eh Jane, with that old tudung and her baju, it would be a brave officer who'd wanna peek under that hem line!

No guilt ler, i meant well.

PLUS my momma thinks I'm a prince!

peekz said...

so when r u getting ur berry? ^_^

Chindiana said...

wah Peekzzz, din know you still read this! Your assistant told me to wait for bold 2!