Friday, December 11, 2009

My 15 Minutes

I got interviewed for New Man mag last week and yesterday I got on NTV 7s breakfast show. I've been told to be a media slut to push the project i'm on.

The sacrifices one makes.

I've also been told I've a face only suitable for a WWE, UFC ringside action OR for an ad for constipation pills.

But seriously i WAS trying to smile.

Oh yeah and I've been told from the side profile I look presentable. Old ladies will flock to make me tea and serve me curry puffs. Full frontal and I look like I eat babies for breakfast.

My face is my bane for everlasting fame.

Damn you Kenny Sia, damn yooooouuuuu........


ghoul said...

You don't eat babies for breakfast... right?

Aren't they for midnight snacks?


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Chindiana said...

umm... How did you now Ghoul? were you the one crunching on the bones outside my window?

ahchan said...

wah i have a celeb for a friend !

Josie said...

rofl! true that, the constipation face.

btw, kenny gave a talk this morning to our pre-u kids. he didn't look like he was gonna eat any of them. :)

Chindiana said...

Ah Chanzzz, aiya I forgot to give you my autograph to take back to Scouser Land!

Josie, I know la, the face like muka masam. Damn this Kenny Sia, so fat and happy....

ah lim said...

and he owns a huge Fitness Centre in Kuching... hahaha