Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Black Label - The Incredible Cure

It had worked before albeit unwittingly. Yesterday the pain in my lower back was not going away. I first hit Bar Madrid where Aileen the HOT owner kept me company as I downed two Guinness pints. Then I met Licia in, off all places, a KAROAKE. As me and karoakes go together like used tampons and chocolate ice cream I down Johnny Black.neat. from the bottle. I even play that dice game with someone's hot girl friend (double degree in engineering and law - how is it all the smart ones are taken?).

I start singing some John Denver song.

I realize I sound like a cat in heat.

I realize the room is silent as I wail on. Leslie Cheung fans stare in stunned silence.

I drink some more.

And some more.

Today AM. NOW.

The Pain is gone. just a teeny twinge but almost 100%.

SUCCESS. Thank you Johnny.


Nex said...

" roads...take me home..."

I can aaaaaalmost hear it...

Chindiana said...

Haha! well it was actually 'leaving on a jet plane'...

sclim said...

" the place, I belong... west virginia mountain mama..."