Sunday, December 27, 2009

Back To Brunei

Sitting in the LCCT waiting for the flight to Bandar Seri Bagawan. Fed and stuffed from 2 days of stuffing my self over Christmas and yesterday's double wedding gorging session I'm feeling lethargic as a fully fed python. I've a meeting tomorrow morning which should be fruitful and an interview in the the afternoon which I hope to be able to carry off without coming across as the Grinch with Cactus Jack AKA Mick Foley stuffed up his ass, barbed wire bat included.

I'll be working right up to new year's eve so this year there is no such thing as taking a break at year's end. Its good in a way as we're getting a lot done. As much as we can anyway in the holiday lull.

I've not really been in any mood to write as it's been a trying coupla months and having to reevaluate my whole position in the universe at this stage of my life is weird. Not tragic, sad, catastrophic or even Tamil movie EMO. Just weird. I mean I've come to accept that Hannah Tan is not going to jump on my lap and stick her tongue down my throat anytime soon, NOT am I going to unsurp Kenny wathisface as Malaysia's top blogger but it's the overall feeling that I want to give up what I've done for the past 20 years for a fresh start.

Of course thats not going to happen. I am sorta good and what I do. A bit of one grumpy mother fuker but i have enough that there are folks out there who would like to work with me. But this gnawing feeling deep in my balls, no, gut? ass? whatever... fukit. its that itch I can't scratch that I need scratched. Bad.

This airport is quiet. Looks like Malaysia is feeling the post Christmas blues. OR the fukers are jamming up the roads leading up to every mall in the country and thankfully leaving the airport free of bawling brats, groups of loud loitering old ladies and old men grumpier than me. Yes, I'm not that grumpiest that ever was.

OK, the PA is talking something muffled. It should be me.

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