Friday, November 13, 2009

My Grandchildren Will Not Need Credit Cards

"ring ring!"


Machine voice - "Your credit card payment is overdue. Please call us to find out your outstanding bill?"


Now they don't even have the decency to ask you personally to pay your balance? I've got to CALL back?

Banks, hospitals, insurance companies all claiming to work towards preparing us all for a safer, financially secure and healthy future are no better than flesh eating, zombie cats hiding behind false smiles and greedy eyes.

My kids (if ever I get around to this ~shudder~) will trade with vintage GI Joes, the original Star Wars plastic caped Jawa, gold, a coupla vintage Barbie dolls and of course multiple editions of every Miley Cyrus record every produced.


Nex said...

I take it your credit card is not from HSBC bank? :D

Chindiana said...

nope. city punks.