Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Bored In An Airport

Welcome to my life...

You haul ass through the Bangkok traffic. You think you're late. The cabbie bolts up a ramp and hits the highway and pretty soon Suvarnabhumi Airport appears in front like a monstrous giant metallic octopus under the bright Thai sunshine.

"Holy fuck, where did that shortcut come from...?"

Daaaaaaaaaaammit. Now I've got almost 2 hours to kill in an airport that really gives me nothing to do. Luckily there's still some juice in the camera's batteries. I kill time with by wondering around the airport snapping away.

A heron (or is it a crane) sits contemplating the intricacies of the psyche of travellers of the world who live via the various conveyor belts of transportation mediums as they hurry from one continent to another just to discuss lines of words on crisp sheets of newly printed paper from their secretaries Canon's...

What happens to annoying kids who get lost in airports - they get turned into candy dispensing Autobots

One lost pagoda/shelter/whatever

The Swirls! The Swirls!


ghoul said...

Haha, i just got back from Siem Reap. I think i need a new neck.

But i didn't take pictures of the airport. :P It's too small!

hope you had a great time, too, chindy :P

word verification: calciang

Chindiana said...

Ghoulo! I say nice place! hope you had pics of Angkor Wat!

ghoul said...

Pictures at Angkor Thom, Angkor Wat and some of the more beautiful but less well known temples, too :)

That place is amazing but I have this feeling the next generation won't be able to see it in the flesh... the place is crumbling, too much human traffics.

My friend called siem reap the 51st state of the US of A. :P Everything is in USD! jeez. cheap alcohol, though :)

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farah siva said...

kids turn into candy machines? hahahahahaha.. i got a few i know who i would like to donate to them. u think they take?

Chindiana said...

Ghoul! - dont think Angkor Wat will last another 5 years. I aim to get there next year before it's gone.

Farah! just AirAsia free ticket, fly them to BKK and let the leash go in the airport then run back for the return flight!