Saturday, November 28, 2009

Abs for Women

A lot of youse wimmen folk seek that flat washboard. A lot of you women think you will need to take on a fitness regimen of Amazonian proportions to achieve this. I, Chindiana have found a sample specimen who MAY have a fitness regime that might realistically give some tone to your tummies.

Ame (the babe above), is someone I know from the past (I thought using a sample of someone I know would be better than say using a Megan Fox picture and some fitness program her PR company drummed up).

She used to waitress part time at Online Pub which I frequented while holding down a day job in a design firm in Hartamas. She dabbles in modelling which she does for fun. I bumped into her a while back, exchanged details and i got to peek into some of her FB albums. I chatted with her the other day and asked her if she could share the secret to her Awesom Abs. She also allowed me to use these pictures here today.

These abs (which I can eat sushi off) are the product of a reasonable program that is quite accessible to women who are too busy with work, babies, the husband, boy friend, pet cat, dog, mother in law, etc etc.


What Ame does:

1. 100 crunches each minimum 3 times a week. Of course you can't do 100 from the start. Start easy the first week, then break up the session (30 x30x40) before finishing the full 100 without breaks (see, you don't have to go at it 10 times a day, everyday)

2. Watches her carbs (not completely wiping them out of her diet)

3. Drinks lots of water (which cleanses the system)

4. And muscle flexing - she tenses her abs a few times a day. You can do this a few times a day anytime anywhere, when you are driving, sitting at your workstation tapping away at the lap top, etc. The key is holding in the tummy for a prolonged period, letting go and then tensing again,

Anyway, is not that hard and the evidence is above. Just need to apply a little discipline girls.

So lets get on it! Washboard Abs and Beyond!


Wak This Way said...

Godamn chindy. Still have to do sit up to get them abs. Too much hard work. Not sure how drinking lots of water help loses weight as recent research hasn't shown drinking lots of water to be of any benefit. Research however advocates drinking enough water which doesn't necessary means lots. Requirement differs between people.

Chindiana said...

Sam! Its been a while dude!

Water no benefit? damn... well in Ame's own words (totally unscientific) its cleanses your bowels, so you don't have too much crap (literally) in your stomach and also gets rid of toxins etc.

But you're more qualified on this subject matter so let me know if it works that way.

Actually i bumped into a 42 year old yoga teacher who has a solid 4 pack without doing sit ups. BUT she of course practices a minumum 2 hours a day. Option to sit ups?

ah lim said...

wah 100 crunches...

Nex said...

100 crunches is not that hard...even in my current couch potato state I can do 30 without stopping...

And I'm a fervent believer on the benefits of loads of water...I drink anywhere between 2L to 5L of water a day depending on my activity level, and I believe the amount of water I drink actually keeps me from ballooning up like the guys you see in 'The Biggest Loser' event hough I hardly get to exercise these days...

Nex said...
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