Thursday, November 19, 2009

5 Things A Woman Can Say To Turn Me On

1. "You mean you like toys? That's so cool! You ever heard of the Spawn Series?"

2. Chindi - "Be careful, if you let go of the rope you'll hit the rocks below."

Girl X (after looking at the steep fall) - "Guess I wont have time to feel any pain huh?"

3. Chindi Part 2 - "FAK! just hold on! don't let go! Dont swing away from the rocks!"

Girl X (says calmly as she looks at the 200 meter fall onto jagged rocks below) - "Ummm... I think I'm getting a little scared now..."

Chindi - "Ahhhh, I'll have to grab your bum to pull you in!!!"

Girl X (just as calmly as earlier - "yeah sure, grab it now please."

4. Imagine this - I'm 17, the best female runner in the state calls out to me from the field - "Chindi, why you going back so fast? Wanna follow me get canai after I warm down?"

5. ~Nokia ring tone~ "Hey I'm at the London comic Con. They've got the Vader replica light saber on sale. Do you want one? I think I can get it packaged with a Clone trooper mini bust also."


Another reason why i'm still single?


Nex said...

Yeah, no wonder you're still single...the Vader replica light saber and the Clone trooper mini bust are soooo last season...


Chindiana said...

Nex you elitist you, it WAS last season ler aiyo....