Monday, October 12, 2009


The back spasms are back. So i figured since i was already in pain the natural decision was to go and try to work it out with a game of futsal.

I know. I'm brilliant. Enstein's looking down from Heaven thinking "that's one smart peanut. Good looking too.."

So here I am, feeling sorry for myself (AGAIN) and cuddling up to my hot water bottle, wondering how to entertain the millions and millions of you readers who worship the random ranting the the most famous unknown blogger on the planet. (Damn you Kenny Sia, Damn YOU!!! You've made Malaysians worship paid advertising blogs! )

Tomorrow i read contracts, try to make sense of some TV deals while trying to kick start my marketing program with the budget of a stale McChicken and a coconut husk full of monkey crap. Ingenuity will be the order of the day. Unfortunately I'm rarely ingenius without at least 3 jugs of Henieken and two vodka Red Bulls.

I scared the office cleaning lady last Friday. I had come into the office at 7am and was working on the lap top with just one light on. I heard she told someone that she saw something disturbing through the glass and thought it was an angry spirit. Must remember to smile photogenically when trying to open a FRAKKIN' Mac powerpoint presentation that has not been converted...

Somehow the favor i asked to postpone a flight has been pushed to next week - this is the Bali trip where I'm supposed to take on Mount Agung. 6 hours of pain to the top and another 6 down. The back is bad. I havent done anything for the last two weeks. My knees are still dodgy and the descent should fuk both knees up my ass (whatever that means).

SO. Bali. What to do?

1. Hit the beach

2. Head to Batur Lake and reexplore the Sounther caldera and chill by the lake.

3. Find some hot adventorous woman and book up a resort among the padi fields in Ubud

4. Take on Agung and pay the price for my foolishness (so far I'm going alone.Nex! want come?)

5. Take on Agung with a hot adventorous woman and book that resort in the padi fields in Ubud.


Josie said...

postpone bali to year end la!! come with us!

Chindiana said...

can also la but you guys confirm if its on or not?

Nex said...

Thanks for still keeping me in mind, but I think you' have a better time with some hot random woman you're bound to meet there... ;)

Have fun!

Chindiana said...

haha! ok la Nexo! will bring back pictures.

Josie said...

well, the girls are definately confirmed. we've already booked flights and sorted out accomodation. the boys, i'm not too sure.....better check with hiongy and joe. i think hiongy said he doesn't mind, but he's alreadt done batur, so he wants to do something else.

Chindiana said...

Ah then he can come do Agung with me then we meet you guys on your other bits la. Let me know yor schedule?

Josie said...

okay, gimme your email add, will send you our itinerary.