Monday, October 5, 2009


So i'm 40 as of yesterday. i woke up with a hang over, had a surprise lunch party thrown by my sister and cousins and wrapped it up when a hot friend dropped by to buy me dinner.

Its just a number but one does feel a sense of mortality. I'm 40. Is it worth getting married?Probably. Only because i've got someone to remind me where i've left my dentures in my old age. Kids? now thats the billion dollar question. For one I dont want to be chasing some hyper child in my 50s or worse dealing with some emotional teenager when I'm 60. Unless of course I get hitched to a 20-somthing now. She can handle the brats. And I'll concentrate on bringing in some moolah. AND worse with all those diaper bills I doubt I would have enough cash to continue buying my action figures (no they're NOT dolls...)

Even though I dont feel it the body is not the same. I'm not as quick on the football fields. The explosive power in my legs has now been transferred to an explosive temper. I can't hold booze as I used to. I take longer to recover from a hangover. I just can't get by with 4 hours sleep anymore as I used to.

This morning as I woke up to the full moon in the western sky I realized that there is a clock counting down. 

But its not a clock. Its just a timeline to check the boxes on a To Do List:

1. Climb every mountain and volcano before 45

2. Head to Antartica and Mongolia before 43.

3. If I want kids get married before 43 (ideally someone younger with a giving heart and the athletic flexibility of a porn star)

4. IF I'm going down the kid path I have to sort out the steady cash flow issue by 41. 

5. IF i'm going to waive the kid clause then just continue dating until I find that someone who can track dentures even in the dark. By smell.

6. I've to watch the health meter - the wanton boozing has to stop. the old liver aint what it used to be. I'm sure there are other issues lurking in a body abused over the years.

7.  Prep to move out of city or immigrate - the city is getting to me.  I see a life of travelling. I already do that but I'm hoping it wont be just for work. The plans are in motion. Sabah is back up although Bali or Indonesia is looking good but then i'd have to figure out how to outrun quakes and lava in my twilight years. New Zealand whispers also on the borders of my wanderlust. 

Tough week ahead. Back to normality.

Lunch and dinner offers pouring in still. Looks like my birthday celebrations will last a week. Nice. I'm almost as cool as Deepavali.... 


sclim said...

i would choose sabah or new zealand. not Bali. Indonesia target for terrorist attack. besides, if you plan to have children it will be good for them to be brought up near nature. Not some commercialized holiday destination like Bali :P

Chindiana said...

hmmm... good point there. Land of the Shire then!

ghoul said...

Happy Belated birthday Chindy!! Sorry I have been out of touch :) One-week later, haha. Sorry :)

Wishing you all the best-est :)

P.S. You don't look a day older than 33 ... :P

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Chindiana said...

Thanks Ghoulo! tha beer, coming soon ya? am stressed outta my ass at this point.