Sunday, September 27, 2009

When Snakes Take over paradise

Overbooking at Kinabalu Mountain
How does one had over the management of a Unesco Heritage site to a private company that marks up all services by more than 150% to 200%?

How is it with the increase, hikers up to Mount Kinabalu turn up at 9,000 ft and find out there is no space to sleep?

How is it that the boys from Sutera Harbour who've taken over from Sabah Parks, blame conflicting online booking programs?

Why is it that the government should pay to set up a new and more expensive integrated programs for them?

Why bail them out? How did they get the deal in the first place? Are the guides and rangers better paid?

Native Land
Nex, correct me if I'm wrong - Native land titles in Sabah cannot be transferred to off spring upon death? The government takes it back? I don't take it many natives sit in your state gov building eh?

Anyone got any anti-grumpy pills?


kimmie said...

totally with you ,dammmmmmmm idiot or sucky now , cost super duper exp to hike Mt KK now ....aiiii

Chindiana said...

dunno if it'll improve soon Kim!

Nex said...

Yeah the who state is being raped by the federal Govt, in ways never seen before...its like they know they'll lose their grip on Sabah (and maybe the rest of the country) soon, so they're squeezing everything out of it before that happens, and putting don laws that will make sure they can still milk it after they're no longer in power...

Never heard about the Native Title thing...will have to go check so I won't lose my land when I die...As far as I'm concerned NT land is SUPPOSED to stay in the family; the whole idea is so that generation after generation can utilise the land and keep their heads above water, even when everything else fails...

Chindiana said...

Eh go check - cos my friend's from KK and said her mum wants to sell the land so they get something from it.