Friday, September 18, 2009

Indianrod Down

Its not often you get a recollection of one's moment of near death accident. We met up with Chewbaca better known among the biker community by his call sign Indianrod who had survived a crash near the Karak highway. He had been leading a group of bikers along the popular road when a Toyota Vios who was overtaking some other vehicles cut into his lane. With no where to go Chewie jammed his brakes, the bike jerked onto its front wheels and catapulted Chewie flying into the air. The Vios hit the bike which spun 3 times in the air. It hit his riding partner behind who also crashed. Chewie landed on his ankles which thankfully did not fracture but were instead sprained.

Below is Chewie's recollection:

All I remember was thinking everything was beautiful. The winding road, blue open skies, green trees.....

After that its like a blank, the only image before that of waking up is like those old TV shows where you get static. I only remember opening my eyes and wondering why am I on the road?Stephan is over me asking me if I'm OK?

I only remember asking him impatiently "Why did we stop here?", completely unaware I was on the ground after sliding on the road for about 15 meters. I am thinking we had stopped for a rest. I realize there is suddenly a crowd about. I must have been out for about 15 minutes. Slowly i hear the other dude lying next to me. He's screaming in pain as he had dislocated some part of his arm. Stephan is alternating between the both of us checking if we are OK. I feel OK but a little disoriented completely blur that I had a broken collar bone. The pain has not hit me yet. I can't stand as my feet feel like rubber bands.

We're then taken to a hospital where my buddy lying next to me on a gurney is being placated by pain killers. Then....slowly..... the fucking pain hits me. Its like a thousand needles attacking my bone. They x-ray me and find out my collar bone is broken. It's going to be a long fucking month man....

The seat area where Chewie sat was completely destroyed. Imagine if he were still in it...

In typical cowardly Malaysian fashion the driver of the Vios tried to take off leaving the two injured bikers on the road. Fortunately the car couldn't move far as you can see above. He was stopped by Stephan the third biker who avoided the crash, who held him till the cops arrived.

The accident spot. Note the Vios on the left side.

Point to note, the Vios driver also made a police report blaming the bikers even though there were witnesses and the skid marks on the road to prove otherwise. The police were impartial and actually treated Chewie as if it was his fault.

Keep cameras on standby and take on site accident pictures folks. DTA.

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