Wednesday, September 9, 2009


So what happens today?

The tides of the ocean recede?

Do Malaysian drivers behave less like drivers from a demolition derby?

Do I grow more hair on my chest?

Do WOMEN grow hair on their chest?

Samy Velu going to change his toupee or whatever that dead animal that he has glued to his scalp?

Oprah will finally coffee with David Lettermen?

Will my apartment magically clean itself?

Will 2 weeks of unwashed laundry grow a pair of legs and march itself down to the 'dobi' dude?

All of youse that went to the lottery to buy 9909 aren't going to strike as too many people have bought it already. Think some counters have stopped selling.

Just another day folks.


Ah Chongzzz said...

At 9am this morning, a couple of Malaysians put a customised song together and urged Malaysians to download the lyrics and "nyanyi serentak" - in the jam, on the "throne"...wherever we are. Remembering Malaysia...woohooo!

ahchan said...

youse? what the...

i'll tell you what happens on 090909... chindy turns into a scouser that's what !

awwwright luv?

Ally Bedhouin said...

I actually didn't even know the date hahahaha!!!

I'm no fun.

Chindiana said...

Ah Chongzzzzz! who these losers? must be church going virgins...

AhChan! A scouser??? eh? how? what? surprisingly just a coupla hours ago i had an invitation to come party with some folks in 'laiverpool' end of sept. unfortunately i must work.
I'm no fun.

AND speaking of which...

ALLY!!!! what happened to you? you used to be the center of the media universe!