Sunday, August 2, 2009

Random Travel Thoughts

Yesterday I staggered into the LCCT badly hungover from Friday night's drinks with the LCB, Angiechong, Farah, WaWa, Mr. Wong and Peekz. My fear of turning up at the meeting in Bangkok like a zombie hobo were unfounded. My Chindian Mutant Healing Factor kicked in during the flight and by the time I landed I was bright eyed and bushy tailed.

I've officially discovered the art of sleeping any where. I just need to sit on my seat, buckle up and the Dream King takes me to an Endless Toys 'R 'Us which has Hooter Girls serving Buffalo Wings and cold beers at the action figure aisle. Yesterday I actually slept (without reclining the seat) for almost the entire 2 hour flight to Bangkok. Hibernating bears would be impressed!

Some random thoughts:

1. Thailand has some surly immigration officers.

2. Lotsa men now going to Clark for their 'action' as an alternative to Bangkok

3. The Malaysian Ringgit is worth two leaves and a dried stick compared to some other currencies nevermind the Dollar, pound or Euro outside of the country. 

4. I love Thai nicknames - Chatwalithongsap Bjetwooonloo - "call me Pin"
- Woravi Santisukjabaratthensap - "my name is Bob"

5. Airline Captains who are paid above US8K per month should at least sound interested when addressing passengers during a flight. No reason to dis us by sounding like a bored, slurring Wookie pothead. Just because a pilot earns more than they can spend doesn't mean they have to mimic Rain Man when addressing lesser mortals.

6. Dont waste your time with AirAsia's new Sotong Sambal Nasi Lemak - tastely rubbery squid. get the original.

7. AirAsia stewardess starting to get better looking. Although many foundation creams and blushers are still sacrificed mercilessly. The service has improved much. Majority of male stewards still being recruited from 'teddy boy' camps. (sorry ladies)

8. Panic moment - On the way back to to the airport in Bangkok I realize the last 2,000 Bhat note in my wallet turns out to be a 2,000 RUPPIAH note!!!!!!!! which will probably just buy me a a used toothpick. (Luckily the cabbie accepts my last Malaysian Ringgits for the ride.) Note to self to remove ALL currency after each trip abroad except Singapore Dollars.

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